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Soccer Football probably the best sport in the world

Born in England and well travelled I have played, watched and coached the sport. I am suggesting it is the best sport because of the numbers that follow it. Is there really any other challengers?

Is Basketball 2nd, Cricket 3rd. Country specific sports don't seem to spread much further than their native shores.

North American Football
Australian Rules Football
English Rugby Union
Yea, I agree that country-based sports only spread in their respective countries. But, cricket and basketball do spread .....
Well... in Europe - yes, the most popular sport it's Soccer.


In America, You see that the Soccer is 4 and above with his popularity, you have there the NBA, Football, Baseball and other staff that I don't know about (Maybe Hockey and else..)
In conclusion then...
1st place Soccer/Football (Global)
2nd place Basketball (Global)
3rd place Cricket (Global)

These are probably the top three as they dont seem "Country centric"

Country Centric sports include

American Football(North America 90%)
Australian Rules Football(Australasia 100%)
American Baseball(North America 90%)
English Rugby Union(British Isles 100%)
Ice Hockey (95% in North America)

The very best sports seem to "generate their own growth" Rolling Eyes
Yeah, Soccer is definetely #1!!!
Seems like about everywhere apart from the USA it is THE most popular sport.

3rd place Cricket

Who the *** plays Cricket??? I don't even know exactly how that looks like! Surprised
I think you are only considering "ball" games. If that's the case then imho the ranking is
1. Football (soccer).
2. Basketball.
3. Tennis

I think Crickets is mostly played in those English speaking countries. There are a bigger world out there Smile

If you are considering the whole sports games, then I need to know exactly what you meant about "the best" sport.. If you meant the most likable by the most people, then we just have to look at the medal proportion of Olympics.
1. Athlete.
2. Swimming.
3. ..

If you meant most watchable, most enjoyable by most people, then without a doubt I think it's football, (judging by the size of the World Cup event). It really is a beautiful game.
Hey Shin

I completely forgot about Tennis which must be 3rd and I should think golf is a pretty well watched also.

I suppose i'm talking about participation + supporters.

The cricket was a little high on the list. However don't forget it is a big sport
in England, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa and last but not least the West Indies.

I was in Dominica in 1980 (Not the republic) and was "gob smacked" as the whole street cam to a halt to listen to the last over of England V West Indies.

When I say I was suprised this was because all the cars stopped as well and all you could hear was pins dropping and the radios all tuned to the same channel! Very Happy
Cibes wrote:
Yeah, Soccer is definetely #1!!!
Seems like about everywhere apart from the USA it is THE most popular sport.

3rd place Cricket

Who the *** plays Cricket??? I don't even know exactly how that looks like! Surprised

Check your facts

I love Football and Cricket.

It's amazing to hear someone say, who the ****** plays cricket, when I can easily say, who the ****** plays baseball?

Atleast the Cricket World Cup will have professional teams from all the continents, where as how many countries participate in the basball World Series?

It doesn't make baseball any smaller game.

Soccer is definitely on Top. But don't underestimate Cricket. You've got India(like a billion people there Laughing ) and then Pakistan+Srilanka+Bangladesh. Move onto The Australian continent, you have Australia and New Zealand. Then you've got South Africa and Zim from the African continenet and so on. So, a lot of people do watch and play the game.

Cricket can be a strong contender for # 2 in terms of fans, volume, tournaments and World Cup.

But there is Golf(in terms of $$$) and Tennis and F1. In terms of team sports, cricket may as be # 2.
I think those are the facts Rolling Eyes
chasbeen wrote:
I think those are the facts Rolling Eyes

Not facts, just opinions. Somone has mentioned " who the ****** plays cricket" I stronlgy disagree with that being a fact. Confused
I see that Fake "stronlgy disagree"

What spot do you do Question Rolling Eyes
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