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servers going down today?

Has it been my imagination, or does the servers keep going down today? was just curious.. been working on site, and couple times just goes down, everything else would work, like login to administration, email programs, but actual site goes down... hasnt been too bad, if it was down,, it only seems like longest time was maybe 15 minutes... but no biggy... Its still a great service...
There were quite some problems with server 2, first of all an account sending out tons of emails causing a huge server load. But unfortunately this didn't completely lower the server load and I didn't find anything else problematic.

However, everything seems fine again, so I'm hoping the server problems are gone. Very Happy
yea,, kinda figured something was going on, but was mostly curious... Ive been kinda surprised recently though,, its kinda like alot of my pages load faster,, and can someone go to my site, and tell me if anything is not appropriate,, Im more worried about my games section,,,

and is their a way I can use a contact for to send email from the mail servers here,,, I cant use these because I dont have my subdomain anymore because I was stupid and deleted that subdomain name,,,
but now I cant send mail with anything else because I have no mail server, and I dont have any mail system at my domain host...
really, its mainly I could use some scripts that call for this feature for passwords, and I dont use them because I cant send people their password information. or have a contact form...
is their another way around this, or would I have to request for another subdomain name?
Spider, you can add your subdomain back in DirectAdmin, just like you would add a domain. Just be sure that it's the same as on your account page, otherwise you need to request a subdomain change.

About the mail servers, should work, just like, they all point to the same thing/ip/server.

About your games section, just be sure that you have the right to put those games on your website. There are some websites where you can get some games and usually they need a link back or similar.
Cool, but see, ive tried, but of course Ive only tried it on my localhost... so, maybe if I tried uploading something first,,, it might work,,, i was trying to use set_ini() in my php scripting to set this stuff, is there a particular port I should look for?

great. Ill be adding my subdomain back that you all gave

Thanks Bondings...
Ill get to work on the mail thing, but might take me till this weekend...
Just to inform you,,, it does work, and work fine,,, mail has no problems so far,,, lol... I was working everything on my own server, and trying to send from my localhost... it helps to test it on the frihost server before asking questions... (now,, talk about feeling like an idiot after all these years...)lol
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