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HDD help

I have just set up a new machine and have used my old ide hdd as a 2nd drive. The new drive is a SATA drive. The old drive is on an ide cable with the dvd drive. When I try to browse the files on the disk it tells me it is not formated. Any ideas of how to help.
OS? file system on old hd?
Windows XP SP2
Does the bios report the 2nd HDD?
Make sure your BIOS sees it first off.

If your BIOS sees it but Windows says that it is not formatted then it could be that either you got it too close to some soft of magnetic field during its transplant to the new computer or that you dropped it or shorted something out possibly on accident. Unfortunately, if a hard drive is reading as not formatted by windows...generally there is not a whole lot you can do about it. The only thing that comes to mind without actually sitting down and taking a first hand look at it would be to say, try burning yourself a Knoppix live CD and seeing if when you boot to that if you can get the files from there and if you can then its a windows issue and you may need to re-install, but this time if you installed with 2nd hard drive in the first time, take it out or vis versa. The other option would be to use the live linux CD to just take whatever you can off the "unformatted" hard drive and move it to another storage medium. Re-format the drive and put it all back...
in some older drives, p.e. (Caviar, and some Seagate) the jumper settings labeled in the housing doesn't works as it supposed to, try playing diferent combinations of jumper settings. But first, you may try to access your drive, in another computer, and stop blaming your computer, when maybe your hard drive is fu***ed up...

It's just a suggestion.
Well it turns out it was the partition that was corrupted by the new faulty ROM that kept corrupting the OS installation.
Any way after many great suggetions I was able to retrieve all 140GB of data including many of my pictures that I was so worried I had lost. Even though I have many copies of various verions on DVD it always worries me that I might have just lost something really important.
I used somesoftware called getdataback and it worked like a charm.
Once again thanks for all the help and suggestions.
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