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What do I need to fish in U.S.?

I moved U.S. almost 1yr ago. I am interested in fishing. I heard that I have to buy a license to fish in U.S. Does anyone know where I can buy and how much a license is? And where are good places fishing in Northen Califonia?
I preper to fishing in the ocean to doing in the lake. Because the power of fish in the ocean are stronger so that the feeling, when I catch it, is more attractive. Laughing
i also wanna to know too
It might depend on the state your in aswell.
Fishing from shore or a private boat requires a state license, yes. Fishing from (usually pay) licensed fishing piers, commercial ships, and the like is USUALLY coveered under their license and not a private one.
you can go to a DMV sometimes i beleive to get one some Gas stations sell them.
Check here:
furtasacra wrote:
Check here:

I know that some people disagree, but neither California nor Texas are the entire US.
All in all the Government are doing some good things with their positive activities for young people, sure start and various other schemes, but it would be interesting to hear what they intend to do about the new opportunities fund money.
Dark_Tiger wrote:
furtasacra wrote:
Check here:

I know that some people disagree, but neither California nor Texas are the entire US.

I realize California isn't the whole US, but I was under the impression that the person wanted to FISH in California.

I do not believe there is such a thing as a national fishing license in the U.S. You must have a separate license in each state that requires one.

However, here is some information about fishing on National Wildlife Refuges, which makes refuge seem like a contradiction in terms, but oh well.

Basically, to find the information about where you want to fish, just type fishing license and the name of the state in a search engine, and you will almost certainly get the website for the state agency in the top results.
I usually get mine at Walmart, most sporting goods stores sell them. A lot of campgrounds or parks that allow fishing sometimes sell them.
I live in texas

you can usually buy them anywhere where they sell fishing gear
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