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Can you offer me a fiction book for book report?

I have to do a book report soon and I want you to give names of really interesting books that has up to 500 pages...

Thank you.
SagMan wrote:
I have to do a book report soon and I want you to give names of really interesting books that has up to 500 pages...

Thank you.

The Godmakers by Frank Herbert, reads easily, ~200pages and not too "hard". But it does have a lot of interesting subjects to write about. : War Of Flowers by Tad Williams. I didn't read it yet, but it is certainly on my list. His other books are fantastic.

John Fowles:
The Collector: scary but very well written.
The Magus: simply a must read. Very popular, but apparantly the movie is worth nothing. 672 pages all worth reading twice. Wink
The French Lieutenant's Woman: also a classic.
if you really want to make a awesome report then i suggest you to read Lord of The Rings, the best book i have ever came across, it is quite big but worth all your time reading it
1. The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown 464 pages
2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - JK Rowling 309 pages
3. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Book One Prodigal Son 469 pages
4. The Shroud of the Thwacker - Chris Elliot 360 pages

Those are a few to choose from.
William Gibson's Neuromancer

And here is a study guide for it Very Happy
write it on catcher in the rye....classic book
If I remember correctly, War of the Flowers is much longer than 500 pages, though it is a thoroughly orginal and enjoyable book. I personally prefer to his Otherworld series, which was a bit slow.

Neuromancer or Pattern Recognition (the newest book by Gibson) are great great books. Neuromancer defined the cyperbunch genre you see in Batman or Blade Runner. If you at all enjoy that imagery, it's pretty important that you read that book.

If not, Da Vinci code is -the- book read by people who don't normally read. It's a well written whodoneit. Other than Harry Potter. Dan Brown writes a good read, even if all of his books are pretty much the exact same thing.
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