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NHL 2007

Ok guys/gals... I'm gonna (try at least) to review NHL 2007.

First thing I wanted to say, was that I was completely blown away by the graphics/detail. I was playing on a 46" HD LCDTV, so that helped out a bit, but my goodness, graphics were very clean, and very crisp.

One of the coolest parts about the graphics, is the ice. When you first get out onto the ice, you can see reflections from the players, and it looks incredible. But the cool part is the fact that the ice will slowly deteriorate and get chewn up as the game progresses. Also, great detail has gone into the fans in this game, something that has somewhat been lacking in the past games.

Onto gameplay now, the gameplay I will have to admit is pure genious. It is very influential, and I believe will set the standard for the hockey games from now on. Pass/Shoot/Hit are not all one button anymore, so this game adds a bit of skill into the mix. What they have done, is made the right joystick responsible for all of that. You can now freely stickhandle, shoot wherever you want, and pass wherever you want (or where you don't want just incase you aren't careful [this is the part of skill that I'm talking about]).

Puck physics have also been introduced as well. I was in amazement when the puck will behave like it should. No longer do you shoot it in the general direction of the goalie, and concede to a dead play, but now the puck will bounce off the areas of the goalie accordinly, so if hes not in position, the goal could trickle through.

For some reason, I seemed to have an endless amount of fun with the Shootout mode. Like I stated earlier, you have free control of the player, so you make up your own moves, its no more of just pushing the 'deke' button, and hoping for a miracle. It takes skill now to pull the goalie out of position, and to bury that puck.

If I have to say there were any bad points to the game, this would be the needless in-game advertising. It becomes incredibley annoying after a while. Even some of the options are branded with corporate logos, such as the "Dodge Shootout"

Overall however, I would give this game a 10/10 for anyone who has played any hockey games previously, maybe not as high for anyone who hasn't, because of the new way to control everything, and the range of freedom you are given, but after only a couple games you will get the hang of it and be loving every minute of it.

My suggestion: 'Pick this game up!'
This game is very cool I play her every day and I like it Smile
I guess we're talking about EA Sports version of NHL 2007. I've played it for the PC, and its almost identical to NHL 2006 except with the roster update and a bunch of new useless game modes. For me, I prefer Sega's NHL 2k7.
he must be talking about the XBOX 360 version of EA Sports NHL07, because the PC version is not the same.
The version for the XBOX 360 is much better because it's the Next-Gen engine for graphics. And the gameplay is improved.
On the PC version, the goalies are not good, you can score many cheap goal from the blue line.
One of my favourite games!!! I like it so much!! I play it with my brother all day. Its great!
I love Indianapolis Colts, so I will play this game now!!!
I have played this game on ps2 and it's one of the best games ive ever played on a ps2. The graphics are absolutely amazing and the detail they put into the game is outstanding. I would definitely recommend thiss game.
I have EA NHL 2007 for the xbox (not xbox360) and there is a huge difference from the 2006 version. For starters, your speed burst is limited for each period in 2007 as opposed to it regenerating in 2006.

Also, there is no "skill stick" in 2007. I have also noticed that there are way more shots that hit the post or crossbar in 2007. One other note worth mentioning is that in 2006 if you come up along the boards and cross the blue line into the offensive zone you immediately get checked to the boards....its not very often you can get through without using a deke of some sort. In 2007, you can cross the blue line and skate to the back of the net with little problem in most cases. 2007 is made more realistic, especially with the salary cap in place.

In my opinion, 2007 rocks and is a very addicting game. I play it everyday. I hope to upgrade to the xbox 360 sometime soon and cant wait to see the difference.

I can't wait until NHL 2008 comes out to see what other changes they can introduce.
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NHL 2007
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