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MySpace and Marketing

Is anyone using MySpace to market their product or service? And if you are, are you using any special software? Has it improved your bottom line?

I'm not, even though it has been reccomended, it gets you that nice juicy "youth" market, all bundled up and ready to go, main problem is that if Myspace gets a bad name, or goes out of fashion, you could get associated with it
Having promotion on MySpace won't do you harm, but chances are it won't do you very much good either.

For the most part, everyone and their mother is on MySpace promoting their product. What that means is:
1. Everybody has the same marketing tools available, as provided by MySpace's web designers and programmers.
2. Target demographics are experiencing the same thing time and time again by countless marketers (friend requests, bulletin board posts, general spam)
3. The marketing tools and techniques that worked 2 to 3 years ago are now ineffective because people start IGNORING what they view as everyday spam.

At least that's my take.

It can't hurt...but I wouldn't invest thousands of dollars to get into the MySpace scene.
It can be considered unprofessional to have a Myspace to promote a product, but it can be good also. Like before mentioned, it won't hurt it. It just depends on what you are selling.
It's not about MySpace that bring you the money. The right question is does the target niche of yours sufing aroud MySpace.

Who is your very best customer? in the other words what your best customers will look like?
it seems that myspace would be a great way to market your product or service. but i think that that just blatently spamming yourself to these people is not the best approach. best business today is done by developing relationships with your customer base. that is what myspace is all about developing relationships. i think that it is ok to mix business with pleasure on myspace. just be honest about it.
What the world really has discovered in 2006 is that many people who are signed up on resources like Myspace are NOT interested in meeting strangers. Instead, they're interested in reconnecting with friends and finding specific people - usually contacts that they couldn't make normally. In fact, studies have found that young people are especially not worried about losing their passwords/accounts on myspace because they enjoy the opportunity to start fresh and without all the clutter of random "friends". Dane Cook may have become a popular performer through judicious use of Myspace to gain performance notriety but it's hardly a bridge to actual talent.
Here's a couple really good blog posts I ran across about myspace marketing:

Quite a few companies might want to rethink their MySpace startegy for 2007. If users have to change their behavior in a way that takes away the value of the service, just to avoid what they see as spam, you can bet they are going to put their guard way up. Frankly, who can blame them? The “MySpace Generation” is the most advertised to and cynical about marketing ever, and it’s not going to change until companies get more human in their approach.

...MySpace has turned into a massive zit full of marketing puss. Most teens don't mind advertising but when things look more like spam than advertising, you're in deep shit. Every PR organization and marketing arm is leeching onto MySpace like a blood thirsty vampire. Problem is that vampires kill their prey. Teens who wanna hang with friends are mostly protecting themselves by privatizing their profile (more cuz of the marketing predators than the sexual ones) but this quickly loses the luster, particularly when it's fundamentally hard to do what you want to communicate with your friends.
I'm no member in Myspace. Thus, how am i affected by the marketing other than a normal site?
Yeah, I was gonna say, I personally think Myspace is kind of lame. That said pretty much everybody has one, so you're right you've got a market. Then again pretty much everyone has an email address and telephone number, and those aren't exactly hubs of effective marketing, if you get me drift.

My advice would be to take your marketing somewhere where people are more actively participating than browsing.

On the other hand, having a myspace to refer to people (here check out my myspace at'sname) is kind of convenient, bu also a little bit amateur.

Anyways, hope that helps.
If your organising events or promoting parties then myspace is ideal it just depends on who you are
I have a myspace. I can say that it has helped with the business however it is often a problem converting 'friends' to be customers. This is a major limitation.

If you have a limited budget then this is a great way to be heard. I know of some others who have a limited budget yet they still succedded, perhaps becase of myspace.

Due to the nature of my website/myspace, I have alot of desperate people asking for my number/email etc

Have a look and see what I have done. I think its a good layout. I just need to increase the conversion rate.
You know what I think? you better focus on your demographic and your target product's page or link.

Marketing never depended on WHERE only... it needs WHAT, WHO and HOW to do so. While you are searching for WHERE to market your product you'll find yourself searching (in fact) about WHAT are you going to market to WHOM? the WHERE question will come later wether it is MySpace or anyother place...

But for myspace always be sure that you don't make your demographic feel that you are advertising anything to them. Make honest, clear and direct. Be their friend and give the advice (to buy your product of course XD)...

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