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What is dangerous with Marijuana?

Have you ever tried Marijuna, Cannabis or Ganja in your life?
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For some people, Marijuana is a dangerous and a evil drug and will harm everybody who try it. However, people who does not consuming alcohol or other drugs may find marijuana very "gentle" and as a non-violent drug.

I grow up in Stockholm City, the capital of Sweden. Where alcohol is very common and so are the violence on the streets, bars and restaurants. I call it “The Liquid of Madness”.
Why is Marijuana illegal then? Where can we find cases that this natural herb marijuana have caused any damages to the society and their people?
Well, its all about history and politics, and it started in the US in the 60’s when the alcohol became legal. The big bro had to control something, right?

So my question is; What is so good with alcohol and what is so dangerous with marijuana?
Health experts say that Cannabis contains more of those ingredients that cause cancer than cigarettes. Do people know this?

If i have a chance to do some searching on the web then i'll fill in the particulars.

Alchohol in moderation always.
Neither alcohol or weed (nor anything else in excess) is good for you. The things that these two have in common is that they impair the senses. The liquid-gangfight-juice that is legal causes people to make bad decisions. Marijuana is no different. So on this premise, there's no difference between the two.
Marijuana is the gateway to drug addiction. I've heard hundreds of people say they "tried" marijuana once, but I've never heard anyone say that they tried other drugs (cocaine, heroin, PCP) BEFORE trying marijuana. Go down to the community that lives under the bridge and poll them. I think you'll find the same results. This isn't to say that alcohol doesn't have a progression towards alcoholism (wine to beer to liquor), but there's a huge difference (physically, mentally, emotionally) between an alcoholic and a junkie.
Why is one legal and the other not? Our social laws. We are OK with the regulation of alcohol, but are not OK with drugs. I think that if you legalize marijuana, it will only be a matter of time before the harder drugs are legalized (ref: Surgeon General J. Elders push to legalize cocaine).
On a side note, I used to toke a bit, but I doubt I'd ever go back to it. It felt great for a while, but I found that I lost my ambition (except to find more weed) and that whole paranoia and "munchie" thing just isn't my bag.

I agree with most of what you said but i don't think we can put Wine or Beer in the same category as other alcoholic beverages. Moderation in this area is the key word but not always that easy to keep as we can see from reality.

Statistics also show a close bond between cigarettes and marijuana etc.
Most people who are on drugs, marijuana also started up with cigarettes.

There are other areas with moral connections to be made but that would be off topic.
But there is still the argument that it leads to harder drugs, but that could be changed if you could buy it legally, which would mmake it unnecessary to get in contact with drug dealers to get it..
TexasWes wrote:
...The liquid-gangfight-juice that is legal causes people to make bad decisions. Marijuana is no different. So on this premise, there's no difference between the two.

What premise? You say that there is no difference and use that as a premise to state that there is no difference? That makes no sense. If you do your homework, you'll discover that weed is not often associated with violent behavior. In that sense alone, there is a major difference between alcohol and weed.

Marijuana is the gateway to drug addiction. ...

This has been hashed over way to many times before. Since it is illegal in most countries, you have to go to a dealer to get it. A dealer that sells the other drugs. If it was sold in a liquor store, I would imagine the connection would be very tenuous.

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