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Yahoo! Widgets

Yahoo! Widgets is a program that lets you have little programs on your desktop. It mimics the gadgets on the new OS Vista, or widgets on Mac OS X. Also, it is cross compatible. You may be asking, if it already comes on both platforms, why should I have it. That was the first question I asked too. The answer is choices. With the Yahoo! Widget Engine, you get more choices from a gallery from user created widgets, and also commercial created widgets (all free) and also a few widgets that you are able to post on your web page. Like Windows' gadgets and Mac OS X's widgets, it too has an SDK available for download, with more support then either two OS's and plans to create a visual widget editor.

Go check it out:
hmm .. :S

copy paste eh Razz

I luved it .. used it for a while ..but then i figured they aint of much use i uninstalled it with a nice little msg to the community n dev team : )
i used the yahoo widgets and found them cool. most of them are pretty much useless but the ones for mail, weather and news were pretty useful and good.

a world of information at ur fingertips.

i uninstalled it as it was heavy on my pc (my pc might be called a typewriter, its antique Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad )
It uses a lot of memory and makes the system unstable.So i nver use any visual enhancement softwares
Well, Y!widgets did take a chunk outta my old system too. Havent revived it from then. Personally i prefer Google Desktop. Clean, Decent, Cool look, plus totally customizable, not much system load, its simply too awesome!
The searching also is performed within zepto-seconds allowing u to extract maximum efficiency out of your work/time ratio. My recommendation: GD rulezz. Well, check it out and post ur reviews.

I didn't exactly like Yahoo Widgets. I don't really need most widgets and it is just taking up memory when I don't use it.
 Personally i prefer Google Desktop. Clean, Decent, Cool look, plus totally customizable, not much system load, its simply too awesome!

But Yahoo Widgets is not just search , right ?

It's more like Google gadgets I guess. Is that the one which we can put only on web pages or can we put it on the desktop too ?
Yahoo Widgets is a good program and has some cool widgets, especially those which show weather forecasts, lightning or earthquakes detectors.

Good program Smile
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