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How to change your GPA?

Let's say you need a higher GPA score for some admission to a college. So why not let someone hack it?

What do you need?
-Full Name
-College Name
-Date of Birth
-... (other personal information)
-A picture of a pigeon or squirrel on the campus or (if that's not possible) close to where you live.
-A good hacker
-Somewhere deep underground in case things go wrong ...

Have fun reading!

(for people outside of the USA)
Grade Point Average
The GPA is a system of judging a student's performance and is followed throughout the United States.
Is this supposed to be a joke.. I mean who the hell would give their social security number to a hacker... That sounds bad!

I have a thought---study!
tribe wrote:
Is this supposed to be a joke.. I mean who the hell would give their social security number to a hacker... That sounds bad!

I have a thought---study!

The story is supposed to be real.

And yes I know that it's not a good idea to provide a unknown person (and definately a hacker) with your private information. That's the funny part of it.
I wonder if they actually carried out the hacking.... or just strung the guy along for a fake ride. hahaha
Given that it's Attrition, I doubt that they did more than laugh their arses off.

That and the fact that all 3 grade systems I've seen require intranet access to work, nothing happened other than a pigeon photoing. In theory proxy server access works, but on the other hand, it doesn't work.
true who would give there ssn to a hacker ?
Oh wow, haha i'm surprised this is even here on frihost forums. Is this a joke?
Bondings wrote:

The story is supposed to be real.

I belive it with how stupid some people are.
true who would give there ssn to a hacker ?

The republican administration ...

@Liu, they were just playing with him and there was no actual hacking. Any 'normal' person would have noticed that something was wrong when being asked to take a picture of a pigeon or squirrel for authenticication. Apparantly he didn't.

And yes the story seems to be completely true.
Todd Shriber, 28-year-old press aide to U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., e-mailed the security Web site on Aug. 9
that guy is a complete idiot!!!! Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
Wow, ouch. If this is real this proves that hacking becomes dangerous when brought into a government context.
We have guys like this in our government...? My gosh this is horrible ~_~

Seriously, he's a complete dumbass xD.
I just hope that not all our polititions are this stupid, if they are it sure explains some things Laughing
It's quite real, says the link at the top of the page..

If anything, this proves to me that yes, even the government can act stupidly at times =)

edit: In fact, he has a Wikipedia article, and there are several other debates regarding the subject.. VERY recent news, actually..
I think I am good enough on my own as of right now. No need to cheat.
The follow on page where the guy asks that the posts of the emails get removed from the site! Rolling Eyes

While he could really be that dumb... I doubt any hacker would be that dumb. It must be a spoof Embarassed ?

I doubt this instance is real, but I'm sure someone has tried this.

I think it would be easier to just study... How well are you going to do if you get accepted for grad school when you don't have the background.

You know, just studying harder is a much safer and satisfying route to a higher GPA.
Interesting. Very interesting read. Thanks for posting this. I will stick to studying though. I don't like the idea of a hacker having the opportunity to steal my identity!
I wish I really could find a hacker to do this for me.
Agent ME
Hobbit wrote:
I wish I really could find a hacker to do this for me.

What's your name/date-of-birth/SS-number and college name?
And are their any squirrels at your school? I don't do pigeons.


That guy who was trying to hire the hacker in the article was so stupid...
lol, I thought you were offering to do this I was like what!?!? my G.P.A isn't to bad though Wink
One more semester to go for college...hopefully I keep close to my 3.5 (ie no need for me to do that stupid request thing xD).

Le sigh...honestly, you think you've seen everything then you find one more thing on the web.
Haha, quite hilarious!
What a fool for trying that.
Step 1. Talk to the teachers and make them like you.
Step 2. Work hard until step 1 is sufficiently completed.
Step 3. Participate in class descussions (doesn't have to be meaningful participation, as long as you're noticed)
Step 4. Coast along the rest of the semester

That seemed to work for me to keep my GPA up. Oh, and I don't condone stealing others work, but a paper you write hasn't fulfilled it's potential until you've turned it in for at least 3 different assignments.
lol this is interesting, and funny. I hope this really happened.
...type of access required to access thesystems (internet? LAN? dialup? carrier pigeon?)...

Laughing Laughing HAHA! That was a great read. Thanks, Bonding Wink

Seriously, that guy was a complete idiot - it can't be said enough.
I agree, that was so funny, it really is hard to imagine how naive and stupid some people can be.
...would've loved to have seen the guy's face when he thought he was busted!
It was really funny at the same time really cool. The guy who gave the SNN number to the hacker is a complete idiot. Laughing

The article is so interesting thanks Bondings. This gave me some idea on how to hack the system of a university school. Now I wonder if could try it in my college school. Twisted Evil
I liked the picture of the angry squirrels. XDXD

on that note, this is incredibly idiotic, if i may say so. Shocked i'm sleepy so i didn't really get the lol i'm aiming for, but it's pretty entertaining. Razz
Did he really think it would work?
I wouldn't if I were him. If it were to be true, I wouldn't even think of doing it. Shocked
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