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Hard drive failure. pls help.

something happend to my secondary hard drive. early this morning i was able to use and open files already saved to my secondary hd but right now my secondary hd was no longer dispplay in My Computer folder.

when ill try to restart my computer the bios detect that certain hard drive. but when i look at this drive to my computer folder nothing drive is display. what i gonna do this hard drive? someone pleas help me cox i have important files. please help anyone...

thanks in advance...
Hiren's bootcd. Get it and it should have some programs to check the damage and to try to rescue it.
did you try to load in safe mode? Your secondary HDD may be have a bad boot sector. You can try using the XP Setup CD to repair the master boot sector etc. If you r not running XP or NTFS format, then try pressing F8 during bootup and go into DOS to run scandisk.
well if u got pretty imp files in there then get some data recovery company to do it for u. Better than meddling with something abt which u dont kno cause once it is lost then then u cant recover it.

if the data is not that imp then u can try using sme data recovery software and try urself. there are many available. sme are even free
Get a program called TweakUI and there is a section in that program that allows you to turn off certain drive letters. Make sure that you do not have any drive letters turned off so that your computer has all available letters to choose from when assigning them to disks. I know I had that problem one time when I accidentally did something (I dont remember what) that made my computer only able to use up through drive G: and I have 4 Hard drives and sometimes up to 2 USB Flash drives plugged in as well as a mapped network drive and a CD drive. So I just ran out of drive letters lol.
try to boot your pc with safemode...

or repair your os with os cd..

if you can able to boot your system then the problem is with somebody deleted your drives... check for your free space available...

goto your computer management.. and check for Disk Management..
happy new year everyone... THnks a lot for your sharing ur expertise. but sad to say, nothing happen when i follow some of your suggestions.

ive tried to attach my Hard drive to other computer then bios can detect my hard drive but when i was about to open using DOS diskette start-up no drive assign to my hard drive. and also ive tried to repair using cd xp start-up ...

im about to drop this hard drive but im still hoping to find a way to repair this stupid hard drive..

thank you again.. Smile
If you get it running backup right away
YOUR HD is about to pass away Sad

LOL @ "does it make funny noises?" it's more like scary noises Shocked
ive no backup at all, and that is the sad part of the story... Evil or Very Mad
oh man that sucks but yet it happened to me before only once when my friend dropped my External HD (while running) and lost about 100gigs worth of info Sad
Bios can see the drive, but can windows xp see it as well? Go to Device Manager/ Hard disk drives, and see if/and how your computer recognizes the hdd. If the bios CAN see it, but the windows can't, then get a live Linux Cd and run it. Probably, it will be able to see the second hdd. THen. simply copy- paste the datea you want, from the one hdd to the other, or burn thenm to a DvD...

It is very simple, but it might work Shocked
Prabhu Raj
This is a problem with the HDD's MBR or the partition table. Disconnect your first drive and make your secondary drive as the primary. Then boot your machine with windows XP cd rom or win2k3.

Go the process till the windows setup displays the hard disk partitions.

If you see that the partitions are marked as (UNKNOWN OR DAMAGED) then delete the partitions and create a new partition and you can surely use the HDD.

Hirens boot CD can only retreive data from a partition. Not when the hard disk has a damaged partition.

If the data on that hard disk is very important then go for a data retreival professionals before doing anything with the hard disk.
only the bios can able to detect my hd. ive tried to boot using win xp, but no one partition or damage partition appear in dsplay mod during hdd detection.

thanks anyway..
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