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Are there any airsofters here? I've been into it for awhile. My friends and I found a huge field with lots of grass. Better yet, we were able to dig a few bunkers and such as I know the owner. My loadout consists of a UTG M324 upgraded sniper rifle, two KWJ gas pistols, a highly modified M4 which is light as a feather and can be clipped to my leg without getting in the way too much. The addition of shorty mags makes it even smaller. I also have a rubber K-Bar knife which is handy for those nice stealthy kills Twisted Evil ...not that my sniper makes that much noise anyway.
I don't know what is airsoft! sorry but I have never heard about it!
Is that a sport???
I've been airsofting a few times. It hurts quite a bit lol... I love how airsoft guns are exact replicas of the real versions, right down to the weight. But man is it an expensive hobby. If it were cheaper I might do it more often, I prefer re-ball over airsoft hands down. Super cheap + more arcade-like fun to it too.
what is airsoft??? can someone tell what is it?? cause im interesting in playing it!!
Is that the game where you get a laser gun and a body armor, and you have to shot they others body armor, to kill them?

Like two teams fighting, and you get info about how many times you was hitted etc... after the fight is done and yeh you know.

If you mean that game, it rules! And I low to play it!!! But it cost alot, like one round (15min) = ca. 3 dollars... Sad Question Very Happy

Anyway, I just low this game!!!! If it was this game you mean then. Hehe...

I think I was wrong... Lol Embarassed So as they two others asked: What is this game? Question
Wow I know airsoft isn't the most popular thing ever but I cant believe nobody knows what it is!! Airsoft guns are like bb guns only they shoot slightly larger, plastic bb's. Yes it is as painful as it sounds but SO MUCH FUN. Especially with full-auto MP5's that are exact replicas to the real thing right down to the weight of the gun. You can event get airsoft claymore mines and other stuff like that Very Happy I've seen a DVD of the US Army doing a huge training Op using airsoft M16's & SAW machine guns to simulate real combat. It's a super fun hobby especially if your into paintball and that sorta thing only it's rather expensive. Pistols are usually $200 and rifles start at minimum 400 bucks, but airsofting places obviously have tons to rent for a game or 2, it's a great tactical good time I recommend checking it out!
Paintball is cooler. I think..
Ahhh airsoft. I haven't been in a game personally, yet...

But I do love airsoft. I have a gas powered 9MM Glock with Hop-Up kit. I love it cause it feels heavy just like the real thing and visually operates exactly the same way.

Also I know some prefer paintball over airsoft, but just a little surprise for you if you didn't already know, you can combine both methods into airsoft!!!

There are 6mm paintballs which you can load into your airsoft gun without any kind of modifications. It's just a paintball replacement for your plastic BB pellets.

Actually because of that reason, I prefer airsoft over paintball as the guns are modeled after real guns. So you'll have a higher level of realism with airsoft that you can ever achieve with paintball.
Airsoft is cool but dont make the mistake of buying a cheap one. I bought 1 for my son, an Uzi, and it was on sale or closeout or something to that sort. It said REGULARLY 89.99 on sale this week only 39.99 and boy what a mistake that was. two days after he got it the trigger broke, I repaired that, next the spring in the clip gave out and so did my patience so out it went. The thing was made of cheap plastic and it was a poorly engineered product. Now I spent good money, a couple hundred on a AEG Electric Tokyo Marui FN P90 Assault Rifle and its a real product. The thing is it looks and feels as real as they come, its made of cast and stamped steel and not a drop of plastic to be seen. So all in all if your going Airsofting dont expect to get into it cheaply or you'll be goin home early.
You know the saying, "You get what you pay for" and that is a definite truth with airsoft guns. My 9MM Glock was $90. Trust me it won't break anytime soon.

So if it's a price too good to be true, it probably is. A lot of sellers on Ebay sell their guns cheap, cause they are cheap.

Expect to pay what I paid for a handgun and much much higher for things like rifles, autos, etc.

There's even grenade launchers. Wink
I tagged along with a few friends of mine once. It wasn't that bad, but I wouldn't consider doing it for fun. I didn't like it much, but I liked shooting people so that made up for it. I was hit a few times. I think they wanted to go easy on me because I was a n00b. Confused
my friends and i usually go into someones garage or basement. this is really stupid because the pellets bounce off the walls like crazy. It's fun but dangerous. i'd say it's more fun in a room cause you have more of a chance of hitting the other person. it's no fun when your in a field and shooting into the grass. That is unless you have some wicked high powered air soft guns.
Well im no big addict to this, but I made all this a little more exciting. PAINTBALLS!!!!!! Twisted Evil you don't just get shot with my highly powerfull gas-opperated Dessert Eagle, it leaves a mark on your skin and on your clothes! the fun i had with this in the summer....oh boy Laughing
The-Nisk wrote:
Well im no big addict to this, but I made all this a little more exciting. PAINTBALLS!!!!!! Twisted Evil you don't just get shot with my highly powerfull gas-opperated Dessert Eagle, it leaves a mark on your skin and on your clothes! the fun i had with this in the summer....oh boy Laughing

Well, my Classic Army m15a4 CQB Compact Seal has a muzzle velocity of about 580fps(feet per second) if i use a .25g BB. That will not just leave you with a mark, it will leave you with a scar. Airsoft here in the Philippines is a huge.
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