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Snowstorm is No Storm - Weather Buff

Well, first off, let me start off by saying that - I love weather. Nothing is more satisfying than to hear a major winter storm in the forecast. Ready the skis, close the schools, and watch it fall.

But so far - this year has been a bust. Forecasts call for highs near 40 for the next 15+ days, not even near cold enough for snow. The most snowfall we've had since January 2006 is around 2 inches back in October.

Early December brought a promising snowstorm - but my county was the only county in southwestern Michigan without snow. The county north of us was covered under inches of ice and snow, same with the counties west of here - all we got was rain and a temperature of 33 degrees.

Looking at the major winter storm forming in the southeast and moving through the midwest, I can confidently say we're screwed for snow. We have a slim-to-none chance of a white Christmas this year, and if that does hold true, it will be the first Christmas since I can remember without snow. What a depressing outlook.

We'd better get something huge in January for this...
We had a snow day here.. which is a first in... well ever since I can remember. The wind storms, though, those are just horrible.

But one Christmas without snow isn't that bad. There's always next year, right?

We were forecast for a white Christmas for about a day. Then the weather forecast decided to say it would rain instead. But I've never held high hopes for a white Christmas, so it's alright.

Hopefully the weather'll turn around for us both, though. A white Christmas would be really great.
As far as I am concerned, the best kind of storm is a bone storm.

Probably my worst joke ever, but oh well.
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