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Future Classic Rock

As we move into the future, do you think that classic rock will continue to be the music of the 60's, 70's and 80's, or will it be replaced by modern music? (I say classic rock, but I mean any classic music here)
Classic rock is original. To me, it NEVER gets old. I feel it has already been replaced by modern rock music ... punk rock etc. But i wished it hadn't

Classic rock is the best man

It's like comparing Star Wars episode 4,5,6 with 1,2,3. Surely 4,5,6 is better coz it's just timeless Wink
Classic rock is timeless. I could listen to a song from 5 years ago and I'd say its an old song but to me Classic rock is never old. To me the classic rock of today will always be what is known as classic rock.
I guess it depends on your definition of what a "classic" is.

If you look at the term "classic" as anything being at least 20-25 years old, then every song you've ever heard will eventually become a classic.

I guess there is a general definition - Here's an interesting article about the subject...

Imagine it... although aesthetically speaking, Britney Spears may never make the "classic" cut, but according to those who create such definitions... "Hit Me Baby (One More Time)" will eventually become classic pop. Rolling Eyes
Crimson has a point. Do you use the term "classic" similar to the use of the word "antique?" In Texas (all stand and give a big "HOOK 'EM!!), you can register your car with "classic" license plates, but the car has to be a certain age. You can't put a classic plate on a '96 Corvette, but in about 15-years you'll be able to do it.
If you have to reach a certain "test of time" to be "classic", how long do you think it should be?
I think he means classic in the same way Pink Floyd and Led Zep are classic....maybe a better word would be 'enduring'. In my opinion most music these days will be forgotten faster than the name of the kid who sits alone at the back of a classroom. It seems a lot of people get into music these days for money and fame which is the same reason they won't endure. Where has the love of music for music's sake gone?
I would say that you can just replace "classic rock". Just because modern genres dominate the media it does't mean that they are the new definition of classic rock. When that is said its pretty obvious that the music we listen to today will be looked different upon in the future than its looked upon today.
I think the term you're looking for is "progressive" rather than "classic". Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, etc. were all very progressive in their way of music. Nowadays, the 'progressive' genre is still there, but much more on the background. I've never heard of progressive techno or progressive hiphop though. Perhaps that's because 'progressive' mostly refers to musical talent and not talent to appeal to the masses.

(of course, this is just my opinion and many will disagree.
To become a "classic" a piece of music must stand the test of time. Some people may disagree, but I would say that this means that SOME music of today will become classic. However, it is not all that easy to point out exactly which pieces will become classics.
i doubt that any music of today will become classic. It's simply impossible. To become "classic" you must be able to leave a mark in history of music. Deep purple, led zeppelin...let's delete the boundaryes and take some heavyer music - Black Sabbath, Pantera and so on. They left dozens of songs and they are remembered to this day. Now thats classic. Let's take todays music. A group that makes more than 3-4 albums and still shows up on TV is, as many new music lover say, "cool". P.O.D - Dead, Korn - Dying, Tokio Hotel (bunch of immature kids) - can't say if they ever lived. And that includes not only rock, but pop, dance and many DJ's too. Todays music doesn't last long, since it is the victim of never ending change of fashion of listeners. What makes the matter worse, to survive, some music artists start to do music "that everyone would like" and loose theire individuality. Did classic rock artists tryed to make them selves popular to everyone? No! Does anyone listen to them today? Many do. No further comments.
It's also true the years of the classic songs there was less quantity of music and bands. Now there are a lot of bands playing many different types of rock music and it's hard to decide which are the best ones because of that variety.

I believe that not many albums and bands will remain as classic music. However those that are exceptional at something or first started with a style have more chances (I'm thinking of Dream Theater right now, for instance)
... and I keep imagining Red Hot Chili Peppers as a classic rock band in 10 years... hehehe
I don't think it will be replaced. Classic Rock is moreso referring to the genre nowadays. If there's a new band that plays like Zeppelin, I'd consider them classic rock.

Obviously any good band has a distinct sound, but when someone says "Classic Rock", I think of the type of music rather than the time.
I think Most of the songs off the album Smoke & mirrors by the datsuns will stand the test of time, If you havnt heard it, buy it or download it. Its bloody good.
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