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Laptop: Buy or Build

I'm in the market for a new laptop (not a DTR) and I'l wondering if it's worth it to buy the chassis and build my own, or just get a Dell/HP etc...
It is never worth it to build a laptop. Go with a Dell or a Lenovo.
Yeah, don't build a laptop. Here's the thing, when you build a desktop, you get a variety of options for parts and you save money. That's not the case with laptops. Building a laptop is going to cost you more than buying and your selection of parts won't be very large at all.

So yeah, buy one. There are many good options for laptops and you can customize many of them to get almost everything you really want.
Yeah, I have to go with the others, I looked into building my own laptop and I it seemed that it was hard to find anyone selling laptop stuff. And the stuff I did find was pretty costly.
Its not advisable to build ur own laptop. Always best to go for a decent branded laptop.
There are many companies that provide you an option to customize the basic model of laptop ,so you can do a mix and match within that to get a config of your choice.
Im agree with everybody plus this
There are 3 options always
1 Build a Laptop by your self (Very risk option)
2 Buy one branded laptop new
3 Buy one used
¿Whats is is the propouse?
Make investigation?, get knowledegment in building laptops?
There some facts to consider,
1 If you make a very extense and good investigation maybe you can build something good, I mean before to build you need to know many things, Cost overall, existing parts, compatibility and maybe after this study you will take the decision, maybe is not going to be a goog deal, you need to consider warranties and risk.
2 One new branded, all is good, just study warranties and prices.IS sure that all is going to be compatible and you have many options like 3+1 next bussines year and the complete service in Dell
3 All the computer has a very quick depreciation or devaluation, so you can buy a practically new branded laptop maybe with warranties for less money only because is used (I mean 20%off vs. the same new computer)
4 If you are thinking in save money thats the first step make a little budget comparison table.
Let us know wich one was the result.
I don't think you should build your laptop either. I think you need to buy a barebone laptop ($800) to build one so it would be very expensive to do this.
If you're looking for performance go and get an upgradable one (after what I've seen, Dell seems the cheapest to me) and when you need, then upgrade.
Go with Dell, normally I do not recommend them for things, however, recently their deals on laptops have been outstanding. They are who I am going through for my laptop and for about $1200 I'm getting a Dell E1505 with 2GB of RAM, Vista upgrade, 256mb X1400, 80GB HDD, 15.4" display, CD/DVD-RW, upgraded wireless card and a nifty little carbon fibre snap on thingy (I love carbon fibre Very Happy )
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