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Eye Strain ?? Combat it !

Eyestrain is a common complaint of office workers, made more common in recent years by the widespread use of video display terminals (VDTs). Common symptoms experienced by VDT users and others whose jobs involve Extensive reading include eye soreness, headache, blurred vision, and dry, itching, or burning eyes.
* To reduce glare, position your VDT so that neither you nor the screen faces a window. If necessary, use a hood or glare-reduction screen.

* To lessen strain on eye muscles, keep your VDT screen 18 to 28 inches from your eyes, and no higher than eye level when you're seated in your chair. If you use a document holder, keep it at the same height as your screen.

* Use dimmer lighting around your VDT. Dim lighting reduces glare and makes the screen easier to read.

* Adjust the screen's brightness and contrast controls for your best comfort.

* If your screen has color options, choose those easiest on your eyes.
One of the best things you can do for your eyes when working on VDTs or in other eyestraining situations is to take short breaks.
Simple one-minute eye exercises done every 20 minutes can reduce eye fatigue.
Change focus by glancing across the room or look out the window and focus on objects at least 20 feet away.
Then, lightly cup your eyes with your palms, and relax for 60 seconds. Or, look away from the screen, and roll your eyes up and down, around and side to side.
Eye Exams If you experience chronic eye problems, have your eyes examined by an eye care professional. If you work on a VDT, be sure to tell the doctor.
Anyone who works regularly on VDTs should have annual eye exams, and people over age 40 may need more frequent checkups.[/b]
I suggest, unless you wrote these yourself, that you edit your posts to have quote tags around the blocks of text that look copied and pasted. I really don't care, but there are others that will flame you for doing something like this.

And welcome to the not trying to be sarcastic

The eye excercises, as short and insignificant as they may seem, are extreme beneficial. I game quite a lot, and this helps me tremendously on a long night of gaming.
no need to edit buddy because ..
as I am a medico and wrote them from my own clinical skills.
You didn't need to make 3 seperate posts when you could of put all the information in the first post.

Thanks for the info though.
do eye massage daily for a few minutes! Wink
Ran Prieur has an interesting page about eyesight recovery at:

I haven't tried any of the excercises he talks about, but I'd like to...I'm very near-sighted, totally dependent on glasses, and I want to wean myself from this sort of technology before civilization collapses and I can't easily replace my glasses!
I have encountered eye strains too. Sometimes I get spinning headaches and even shoulder pains.

Went to see a doc and was told that eye strains could have caused shoulder pains or stiff back. I always thought it is the other way because pressing or massaging the trigger points in my back relieve my eye tiredness.

Went to see an eye specialists and after a check up was told nothing is wrong with my eyes. Maybe dry eyes, the doc said. Adviced me to wear glasses although I am short sighted.

So reluctantly I did as I prefer not to depend too much on glasses and it seems that the symptoms have lessen though I am not too sure.
Computer eye strain made me get glasses, and is making my eyes get worse.
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