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Your Fav Game Type

Arrow What are your fav gave type?

I begin:
I love RPGs and Fight games Cool Laughing Twisted Evil
I like FPS....can't play RPG ones.

don't have that much patience.

I also like sport games....esp Football...palying PES 6 lately.
Not a specific genre I really like, I just go game by game. :)
well i like to play rpg game... exspecially the final fantasy ....
well mmorpg is nice too but... to expensive way to meet new friend!!
stealth game are my fav too!
splinter it!!
maze or puzzle solving game like tomb raider, lengacy of kain...
and much more
but simulation conquer all!!'
Flight sim are most played game of the year!!
RTS, ARPG and some of the FPS games, I love Warcraft and Age of Empires series
Empires series is very cool.. but there is only an old version Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
I mainly play RPG and MMORPG. Those are my favorite games, and I've been playing those genres ever since I was a kid.

FPS and racing games and other stuff just becomes boring after a while, and isn't fun to play anymore.
While with RPG's and MMORPG yo ucan keep improving and stuff. Especially World of Warcraft nowadays is great.
FPS shooters, Third person action adventures and sports games.
One of my all-time favourite types of games, are the old Lucasarts games. I'm not sure what the genre would be (probobly just adventure), but there are commands such as "pickup", "use", "push/pull". They had great puzzles and were fun. There was a lot of humor in them too. I still play them from time to time.
I go through trends, I think. Right now I'm really into the Tekken-type fighting games. The Dead or Alive series just rock, IMHO.

Much better than Mortal Kombat in that there's more than 5 moves (Razz), and the counter move is just awesome, if only for a 'luck' factor in your battles. I kind of wish, though, that they would have a type of 'breaker,' like they do in Mortal Kombat. When someone is pushing off an 18-hit combo, you get frustrated. In fact, I get frustrated all the time, yet somehow I always come back for more.
For me , i personally like First person shooter (FPS) game like counter strike , call of duty.. Very Happy
i like fantasy fighting games. so prince of persia is good!
Patriot Players
MMO and other RPGs by far. RTS and the occasional FPS as well. And whatever genre Super Smash Brothers can fall under, fighting I suppose but its different from any other fighting game Ive ever played.
I am a huge FPS fan mostly coz i find it easy to get in to the story and the feel of the surroundings depending alittle on the game ofc
some of my favorite fps games in no particular order are:

quake 3
doom 1,2 + addons
half life 1,2
serious sam 1
Pain Killer
dark stone
oblivion (its FP not a shooter tho)

there are many more but i guess you get the picture
I like car racing type of games. it really chills me out. my all tim favorite is NFS.. and NFS carbon is the best one.
First Person Shooter, definatly. Other than that some Simulation and RTS, but that's it for me. I like games with a Sci Fi theme as well.
Games master
I like playing rpg,mission,fighting and single player games.And ya racing games too. Very Happy
My favourite game genres would be TBSs followed shortly by Action RPGs.
RTS, RPG, MMORPG, 2D Shooters/platformers
I like strategy game, simulation game and adventure type of games. Car racing also not bad.
My favorite game types are FPS, RPG, and RTS specially those 2D and 3D games that really have an amazing graphics. Smile
RPG and FPS for me Wink
usually strategy and sport games
What can i say i really like FPS and some RPG. I'v got clan SaS in Call of Duty and play with my friends in weekends Very Happy
I have always been big on RPGs always nice to have sink yourself into the fantasy game. Also I like a good RTS from time to time with Starcraft being one of my favorite.

Of course mostly I play MMORPG and the such
My personal favorite is FPS, the action involved is just amazing but there has to be a good storyline. My second choice would be Shooter (no flat 2d but isometric/semi-3d). A great example for this will be Alien Shooter ( which has an awesome storyline, good action, ok graphics and and a nice array of blood-thirsty monsters surrounding you Very Happy .

I never played a MMORPG since it s (mostly) 3d and my computer can't just handle big 3D maps and >10 people online the whole time but playing Unreal Tournament in a small/medium sized map against 5 others is worth setting your video settings to the lowest available Cool
I like 3d shooters the most, but also some adventure games like Zelda and Broken Sword.

But the best games are

Far Cry

and many many more, just came out of bed Razz
I like FirstPersonShooters and MMORPGs .
I also like ThirdPersonShooters and RolePlayingGames. But I rarely play RPG's because I don't have patience.
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