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Anyone on here skateboard? I'm just seeing how many people share an interest in computers and skating Very Happy
I have been skating a lot when I was about 15 years old. but on inline skates. on halfpipes and almost any kind of pipes.
Now I'm not a real 'skater' anymore. Though you can count me in as ínterested in computers and skating, since skating was my way of life for a long time.
I do wanna to try, is it difficult for me to try?
thealpha wrote:
I do wanna to try, is it difficult for me to try?

Practice makes perfect. I can ollie alright and I'm learning to pop-shuvit.
i used to skate quite a bit,i wernt to bad i coud:

ollie, shoveiet, pop hove, switch shove it, heel flip, trippl eheelflip.

thats all, but i just got to busy with wokr etc.

skateboarding isnt to hard to try, you start skating learn basic tricks, then you find a park go on the small ramps untill you build up confidence for big ones and sorted.
I used to skate back in the pre-ollie days, when mr Hawk was a young whippersnapper. I git to see the UK bones brigade tour - seeing Stacey Peralta, Tony Alva and Shugo Kubo in action at an indoor park in Kettering, Northants (skateside I think it was called). Long gone now though. You can still see the 'sort of' half pipe that was built fo rus at Market Harborough - at least it was visible from the railway line last time i went by on th eway to London.
Musta been nice to see Peralta.
I have to admit though, Mullen is by far my favorite.
I would just once like to meet him, talk to him for awhile, see what kind of person he is.

Anyways...I used to skate.
I had started in 5th grade or so.
Of course rolling around was enough then.
But after while I met some friends who were interested.
Finally I had someone that didn't think I was a loser for skating.
How ironic.
So I skated and got alright, not at all near pro.
I could do kickflips good, barely nail a heelflip a few times.
Was really into freestyle myself.
Ya, again with the Mullen.
But I unfortunately had to put it on hold about freshman year.
I couldn't really afford the boards.
Nor did I have the time or a place to skate.
I would love to get back in the groove though.
I guess we'll see where life leads.
I used to skate a lot when i was a little younger. I still do, but thats more rolling arround.
I still like it a lot and the feeling of a board under my feet is one of the best in the world. I started snowboarding and surfing, wich i am still doing. I never got injured by the the last two kind of sports... i guess snow and water is more forgiving then concrete or steel bars...

Anyway, does anyone know if Rodney mullen is still out there? i really likes watching him skate, with his uniqu style of old-skool and new-skool tricks!
well.... Im a skateborder... I started skating when I was 12. Since then I never stop skating... now IM 18- I can say that skateboarding is the best thing it happened to me... and what it makes me happy! I have a dream of beacoming professional or just getting sponsored or something beacuse sometimes its expensive to skata. Now im filming my first skateboarding video so its coming really soon... If you wanna be good in skateboarding you have to practice practice practice... all day.... its difficult but is like that.
Many people talk shit about it cause they dont even know what theyre talking about... its skateboarding man,,., you gotta try it before say something about it...
love for skateboarding.
skateboarding is great, I never really evolved much cause in Portugal even the streets that are in asfalt are filled with holes, and the squares are never with a good pavement.. I wouldn't go to the skateparks as I prefered to street but there was no street, few locations and when it rained even less ... OF course If I really had glued on it I could be a pro skater like there are some in my country! i just never put so much effort to it, I like to downhill a lot, its really rad here if you consider the hols Wink but I still take the board on holydays it really helps sometimes Wink KEEP SKATING!
Skateboarding is one of those things I've wanted to try but never got around to doing. I've got an old WalMart board behind my house somewhere. Wink
I used to love it! I was a die hard, skater. I would skateboard every single day after school and every weekend I would go to the skatepark and ride on the halfpipes. But I quit because I was terrible at it. After two years of doing it, I still wasn't able to kickflip, and I would practice for hours a day. That was when I was little, I'd probably be a little better by now if I were to start again simply because I'm older and slightly more athletic.
Well... i used to skate a lot... but i broke a leg and an arm... and then my sweer skateboard broke Sad( ...
That's why i stopped... now i prefer gaming... guess i will alt+tab and play World of Warcraft Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
I'm a skateboarder =) i love it the best thing on the hole planet !
I recently found out they made a free skate park near where I live. It was alright, it wasn't great but for a free park pretty good.

Where was this stuff when I was a kid? Razz
I'm skateboarding almost everyday on the summer.
I'm not so good but still I think it's a really good sport.

I can ollie, shuvit, and almost land a heelflip!
I can land it with one foot!
Tomorrow I start a tour to chile with a friend of mine. Im exciting about it. I love skateboarding and Also filming a skateboarding video, Its gonna be good. for sure. I have a part there. Skatebaording is love... people should respect skatebaording as anyone else... do yuo think?
Yes, see hereVery Happy
I'm not a typical skater, though. I think skating is great and I really like to skate around, but I'm not that much interested in doing tricks. I can do an ollie. Very Happy
Because of that, I maybe wasted a bit of money (70€, I think) for an element deck, but I'm totally pleased by the wheels (12€ each) which are so soft that skating on the street is a dream Smile

That's my board
Of course, the deck is damaged on the ends because of the ollies now and the wheels aren't all white anymore, but it doesn't have scratches or something Very Happy I didn't even try to slide.
Skateboarding is a fine way to find happiness in life. I feel sorry for people that do not love the things they do for pleasure. The only thing that matches skateboarding is candy & movies, candy & computers, candy & walking, candy & swimming, candy and bathing, and candy & surfing.
I think you understand. Twisted Evil
I love Skateboarding, ive been askate since 14 years old.
Try to stop but its almost as hard as givin up Cigs
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