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hard drive question

I am so confused. I am trying to get pictures off of a friend’s old hard drive. Yes, this hard drive is from the non booting computer - The drive has windows xp. I put his drive into my Athlon slot A system which has win 98 as a second drive. Reset the drive’s jumpers correctly. My BIOS shows the drive there but win 98 refuses to see it. Hmmm, file structure capability issue? Ok, so I borrow my neighbor’s system that runs win xp. Again reset the drive jumpers correctly and swap out drives. This system hits the start-up screen then does nothing but the flashing cursor ___.
Am I looking at a dead drive or did I miss something? Thanks!

When will people learn to make copies of important things?
standready please describe these:

1. What is your hdd connection, ide or sata?
2. What is your size, xxGB?
3. Does it allow the cable select option?
4. If your main hdd is in master mode, you can use this hdd in slave mode with the same cable (if connection mode is the same)
@ muhendisabi

Cable select - yes and tried
master/slave tried as well.
standready wrote:
@ muhendisabi

Cable select - yes and tried
master/slave tried as well.

according to me,
you should connect your main hdd in master mode to sata or ide socket
then, you should connect this additional hdd to other ide socket in master mode. (also check your jumbers' short or open circuit situations, may be they damaged)
then you should enter the bios.
load setup defaults, then close/open or reset your PC, then everything should gonnabe well

please try these things
Update: connect problem drive as primary to neighbor's system again - "operating system not found". What the ? So, reconnected original drive and put problem drive in as a second drive and I can read it! Now to copy pics off that darn drive.
Still do not understand why that darn drive is acting so screwy.
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