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[Request] Banner (and forum graphics) creation & design

My forum located here, is in dire need of help. I wish to complete a skin for it but need graphics. I am looking for someone who will

A) Create a banner and other forum graphics
Over a messenger of your choice (MSN, AIM, YIM, or ICQ) discuss then create graphics for the skin. This will include banner, title bars, buttons.

B) Help with general design
This again will involve conversing over an instant messenger of your choice (MSN, AIM, YIM, or ICQ) to discuss design aspects of the skin. This includes colours, positioning etc. I will do the actual work here.

If you wish to now more beforehand ...

The banner will spread across the whole page's width. On the very left part of a circle with Sirius Black's head in it. On the right will be the expandable part (a repeating short vertical image). This will contain the title image (Sirius Black's Forum) in the middle above the line, and the drop down links below it. Example ;

Colours I want to use are this grey (404040), this green (609B00) and anything else you feel is appropriate.

Payment really is dependant on a lot. Amount of communication, quality of work produced and the time with which it is done in. This really needs to be discussed about.

Eagerly awaiting replies Razz
im willing to help, msn obviously, i can make banner etc dependant on what you want, tell me more on messenger.
i can help you ,checkout the graphics i made for various mrketplace requests of users.

Then, what do u men by converse over msngr ?is it oice chat or instant messaging.I ask because i dont have a headphone

here are the links to my post(graphics)
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I'm in if you haven't taken any of these guys on their offer. Chirstmas breask, so I'm on a bit of a graphics spree. Smile And I promise, I ahve gotten so much better since the last time you've seen me *shudder* Sorry about the horrendousness of that.[/url]

And I can do a tech style needed for boards too, even though thats not really the style over on that forum, so it's not really displayed. Smile Granted, I'm no master at this style, but I know my way around photoshop.

*is done pimping*

Oh yeah, I'm an MSN girl
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