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Record Player

so i have my record player. i have just bought an adapter to i can plug it into my computer. BUt now its inj the microphone slot, how can i get it to come out of my speakers?

any ideas?
I dunno about your particular computer setup/capabilities, Yantaal, but I've always hooked up my turntable (record player) to a receiver, then you run a line out of your receiver into your computer's audio input.

You should have a jack on the back of your soundcard (or motherboard) for audio input.

So, it's like this -

Turntable hooks into receiver

Out from the receiver to your audio input on your computer.

(Depending on your setup, you might also need to get a Y-adaptor to convert the left & right RCA plugs coming from your receiver into a single "small headphone jack"-type plug, so it'll plug into your computer's soundcard.)
Your Y-adaptor will probably need to be 2 female ends TO 1 small headphone-jack plug, or a combination of adaptors, if need be.
If you can go to a local Radio Shack or Best Buy, there should be somebody who can get you started in the right direction.

(I apologize if I don't know the exact terms for these things - I know it makes my descriptions confusing.)

OR... if the above procedure turns out to be too complicated or degrades the sound of your records too much, you can always run a line directly from your receiver's headphone jack into your computer's audio input.
That'll give you more control over volume, bass, treble, etc.
(And you won't hafta worry about everything being in mono.)

Like I said earlier, it really depends on the setup you've got and how old your equipment is.

Idea You might need to ground your turntable.
My buddy Neelix has a turntable that's got a grounding wire coming from it - all he does is simply attach it to some other piece of nearby equipment that's already grounded, which gets rid of that unbearable hum. Wink
also keep in mind that most record players don't have amplifiers built-in to them.

older receivers that have a "phono" input, amplify the signal coming from the record player so that it is loud enough to be hearable.

the problem is though that modern receivers don't have a phono input built-in. this wouldn't be a problem if your sound system had enough amperage to it, as you could just crank up the volume loud enough, but for the average sound system, this wouldn't be very convienient.

for my stereo, i've run a Y-cable (as mentioned in the previous post) from the record player to the input of my guitar amp, and another Y-cable from the headphone jack of my amp to my stereo. i've also grounded the turntable to my amp. this gives me a rather tinny sound, so i have to mess with the bass mid and treble levels on the amp, and the EQ and bass boost on my stereo. but in the end, this provides me with a loud enough sound to record to tape, and listen at normal volume levels on my stereo. the only draw back is that you only get a mono output from the amp. but i'm sure there are other devices that serve the same purpose, and possibly even made to amplify record player signals.

so try amplifying your signal, and if that still doesn't work, look for a "play-through" option in your sound controls. i have a mac, so i'm not sure what the Windows equivalent would be.
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