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I don't believe that cats are not faithful.

simply I have got a very lovely cat . i love him a lot and he loves me a lot too.but some says that they are not faithful especially when people are seriously ill ,they leave that home.fortunately i have got a proof for that .
one earlier year i was seroiusly ill and nearly die.but as surprisingly he had gone anywhere but stayed with me all the time like as a guard.another distinct event is that when i was fighting with my brother, he attacked my brother like a dog .every time i have got a quarrel with sb he 's always ready to attack them for me .Incredible! Wink.
Yep. Cats can form very strong attachments to humans. I think the people that say that cats are unfaithful simply never earned the friendship of a cat. Cats are just a bit more picky about who the give their affection to. Smile
Another reason people don't believe that cats are faithful is that they're obviously very independent. Unlike dogs, they don't obey commands; they just do what they want. One of my cats will only allow a person to pet him when he feels like being pet. Any other time, he'll just walk away. However, this same cat is very faithful to me. He greets me at the door when I get home from class each day, and then he'll follow me around for almost the entire duration of the time that I'm in the house. I think he respects me because I've learned to read his "body language" in order to tell when he wants attention and when he wants to be left alone.

@kolaro2: I chuckled a bit when I read that your cat attacks people for you. It's funny to picture that happening, but I don't doubt it at all. If I had a cat like that, I would love telling people that I'll send my cat after them if they're mean to me. Laughing
My aunt has a cat that acts exactly like a dog. He'll jump up on you when you enter the house, follow you around, and play with you. It's really funny.
Cat is better than Dog,

That's what I think ^^

You said cat not faithfull, that's a lie, People say that because usually cat doesn't follow the master command, not like dog.
It depends on the owner, I think. Some owners are not nice and no wonder cats not faithful to them.
I think it's all relative, but I do agree with you--my cats have never strayed and we've always treated them very well. My cat sleeps with me every night that I'm home and wiggles her way under the covers and always follows me around the house while I do chores and whatnot. So, while I think that perhaps cats are less predisposed to being "detached" and more independent then dogs are, I think they are just as capable of being loyal and whatnot then dogs are.
As I can see it, cats are like dogs or any other pets. Just treat them right and they will not leave your side.

Although, I guess there are tendencies to agree upon saying that dogs are more loyal to cats as the quote says... "Dogs are man's best friend." Smile
Yes, I also agree with your argument
I think cats are more loyal than dogs. Well.. sort of. It really depends on the cat and it's personality, though. And it's not true that they don't obey commands; it just depends on the cat's personality.

My cat is... odd. She used to be pretty mean, but she's always been nice to me. She always has to be around me (to the point of scratching up a door real bad =/) and always has to sleep with me and since I went back to school she's been getting really jealous/trying to make me jealous and all that jazz that cats seem so good at. But she won't do anything you tell her to. She knows what you're asking, and she'll give you her trademark "I am so not doing that" glare.

Her son on the other hand is like a little dog. To the point that he growls every time he hears a noise he doesn't like and barks when he gets frustrated. Well.. it's sort of a bark/hiss/growl all in one. Usually at the fish when he can't reach them and eat them. He also knows a few tricks. He can sit/lay down and at times will roll over. He's nowhere near as talented as Dusty (who could play dead/sit/lay down/come), but Dusty ran away.. he was kinda feral.

Anyway.. yeah. Really how much a cat gets attached and how much they want to listen depends on personality and how they're treated. But even if you're mean to a cat they'll still be faithful and loyal. My cat's son is another example of that. No one really likes him except me, but he's a little love bug.

So in short? Cats are a lot like people.
cats and other animals are the same, if we treat them well. like people they are good if we give them attention, caring, and importance. but some people they are opportunist, they can show or give support as long as they get some things that good only for them unlike cats and others that stay with us as long they felt that they are important to us.
cats are faithful, but they also tend to their own need when in comes to it... much like people...
Yeah I agree with you. According to my mum when she had me as a baby our cat would guard my cot all night. Which is so cute and I love him for it!

They aren't as dependent as dogs which is probably a good thing, because I wouldn't be able to go on holiday and leave a dog at home. They are really loving too and you can form a sort of attachment with them which I wouldn't know how to describe. Like you're on the same wave length I suppose XD
I think thats nice. Cats seem a little bit more complicated than dogs. Probably because cats tend to be in their own world. I think if the owner treats their cat well, it will be faithful to the owner. I have seen cats wondered out of their houses taking strolls around the neighborhood on their own and yet never fail to return to their owners' homes. I think in most cases they know where they are from and who their owners are. Its just that they are not as expressive as their counterparts, dogs.
My cats adore me. Yeah, they wander off occasionally, but they always come back. And they hover over me anxiously when I'm sick. One of them sits next to me and yowls miserably if I hurt myself and start cussing, or get upset and cry about something. It's so ridiculous I usually start laughing, especially if it's something really stupid like a stubbed toe.

I doubt he's actually trying to make me laugh, because he's not very bright, and he sounds so mournful it must be genuine sympathy, but it almost always makes me stop feeling sorry for myself. I have to stop my whining to shut HIM up. I guess it's kind of like how little kids start wailing when another little kid scrapes their knee. Except little kids don't usually go "YAWROOOO!" at the top of their lungs! Laughing
Hi! I have a cat and a dog, and although I lean more toward being a "dog" person, I do love my Leo. He is affectionate but ... yes, independent.

I like the sign that is in my vet's office: "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff."

hehehe That about sums it up, wouldn't you say?
I am amazed at the amount of cat lore that abounds in this forum. It gives me a lot of hope for the species (homo sapiens). My 50c worth is the fact that the world consists of diversity. No two humans have the same fingerprints; we might be able to identify the main personality types and catagorise them but when observed more closely we find tremendous diversity within the groups. Cats have different personalities, Iíve never had two that were the same Ė and thatís not even close. I think that is part of the feline mystique, to befriend a cat takes the same effort as befriending a human (only in some cases itís more rewarding to make friends with a kitsie).
I think cats are completely independent. They'll go to where there is food and shelter. I love cats and many times neighbours' cats would come around to my garden for a bit of affection and some food.

It's more likely than not that when you think your cat is out hunting and fullfilling its natural tendancies it's really around a neighbours house tucking into a bit of chicken or sleeping in front of the fire. Cats are not faithful, but I do love 'em!
We have dogs and cats - and they each have their own individual character and temperament. To say the dog is more 'loyal' may be true within a limited definition, but the cats are family members too. If loyal means mindless obedience and love under any circumstances, go fo rthe dog. If loyal means the sort of mutual respect and love you give and hope will be reciprocated from any family member - cats do it for me! Not that I don't love the dog too of course...
I don't want to say that dogs or cats is more loyal or anything, all animals is loyal, depends on how much love you give them. I had these goats, which is quite smart animals, and loyal. I spend allot of time with them, and whenever I came to them they would like to play with me and they would be only happy. So it doesnít mater which pet it is. One of my sisters had a hen for pet, and they would go around together.

But because we talk about cants here I will tell about two cats of my family.
The first one, Potin is quite smart. He can sleep inside and when he wants to go out he would bite my faters nose or his toe or just walk on him to wake him up. When I was sleeping there he would come and lay next to me or under my blanket, I accidentally rolled over him once, not knowing he was there, but he was okay. He does not piss or shit in the house, he would stand beside the door until we let him out. In case he has done something in the house itís because we didnít let him out. And when he is hungry he will stand beside the refrigerator, which is most of the time. Because we have dogs he uses to go out and in the basement window, which we must open. He uses to sit there and scratch the door until we open it to him. The same when he has gone up to sleep in our beds, when he comes down he scratches the living room door to let us know he is there.
The second cat I want to mention is the one my mother has, Sofus. He loves to walk with us, follows us when beside the road, and whenever a car comes he will stand about a meter away from the road till the car is gone. He also comes with my sisters to wait for the school bus. I donít think he shits or does anything inside the house, has learned now. He also sits in front of the door when he wants out. And because my mom is allergic he has to stay in the hallway, but itís okay I think, we play with him there and cuddle.

These cats is loved by everyone, so they have learned to not to do because then we will get mad.
Aye, cats are faithful if they want to be. But unlike dogs, cats don't need social acceptance. A dog needs his pack. A cat's content roaming the African plains, hissing at bat-eared foxes and chewing on lizards and birds.
You know, this is something I've been thinking about for a while. My boyfriend and I had a dog named Libby for several months (we had adopted her, but she wasn't meant to be an indoor dog, even though that's what the adopters toted her as: she sat in the kitchen all day, every day, staring at the back door - and I'm a teacher, and so is the boyfriend, so she was alone most of the day. Thankfully, she was able to be readopted by a family with another dog and a stay-at-home Mom! Smile) who, I swear, hated everything to do with the two of us. We were never entirely sure if it was just general unhappiness, but I've never had any problem with dogs adoring me - my dog Harley followed me around like a puppy until the day that she passed away. Smile But this dog wouldn't protect me, the house, anything. I'm notoriously sick, and even when I was lying in bed miserable, she would avoid me.

Now that the boyfriend and I have adopted a cat (I've been missing mine who died when I was 18, and so he surprised me by taking me to a rescue for my birthday last month! Smile), I find that the little girl is the most faithful creature I have ever known in my entire life. Literally. When I am miserable and sick, she's in bed beside me. When I wander aimlessly around the house when I get home from work, avoiding my book, she follows. When we eat dinner, she perches happily on the couch. We had a friend she didn't know come over, and she attempted to protect the house and both of us from our friend. But most importantly, every night she falls asleep right in between me and the boyfriend - she hogs the covers too, but that's a different matter.

I've known cats that are aloof, and dogs that are the proverbial "man's best friend," and obviously I've known the opposite. I think that it all depends on the animal. Smile
Our cat was very some extent.

However they were very lazy! They would follow us round the farm for a bit and be playful.

But they got older and gradually couldn't keep up but they resorted to waiting for any car to turn up and greet the people. The cat usually laid down on steps up to a barn or something.

But the cat had a tendency to walk off to find another source of food once in a while!

R.I.P. Doormat & Philieus
Well, I like cats, because they are the most human animal I know of (IMHO). They are loyal when you are loyal to them. They will not be your pet. They will not fetch and do other stupid stuff. However, they will please you, purr for you when youre down and sad. They will not however become something like our slaves. And cats seem to know some emotions, and can even sense them from us. Ive had my cat get uh, "angry" at me for some things and avoid me for a few days, then everything went back to the usual. Ah cats, wish I had a cat nowadays, the last one, the lovely one, got lost and never found =(.
Dogs, in nature, form packs that follow a leader. Basically when they're domesticated, they see you as the leader and therefore they're very faithful and obedient.

Cats are lone hunters, they just don't following a leader so that probably why they've gotten the bad rap of being unfaithful. They don't really look up to you, so they don't really have to be loyal to you.
Cats and dogs alike..nearly any domesic house pet...can sense emotions quite effectivly...they kow when your sad or sick or unhappy or depressed....many times wen i am sad about somthing my dog and 2 of my cats have always come downstairs to my bedroom and my cat will lay next to me and purr..and my dog will come and nudge me as if she wants me to pet her.

But as a note your emotions and actions can have a serious effect on pets. Say your upset..if your upset or depressed for exteded periods of time your cats or dogs will start to mirror your emotions from either neglect of attention or them knowily not being able to may sound crazy but your pets are smarter than you give them credit for.
My Dogs are known for being more loyal than my cats, eager to please, and friendly toward their owners. However, this does not mean that cats can't do the same. I have two dogs and one cat. My cat pretty much does her own thing, although she does sleep with me all night. In the morning, she can be very loving and definitely makes her mark when she doesn't approve of something. I kind of have to force my love onto her, but I know she loves me back. She just doesn't show it as often.
On the other hand, my dogs are around me 24/7 when I'm at home, keeping an eye on what I'm doing and my emotions (they're good at figuring out if you're angry, sad, happy, energetic, etc). No matter how you're feeling, they're always willing and able to cheer you up. If you want to snuggle, they'll snuggle in bed with you until the morning.
But it's true, you can't just leave them alone for an entire day like you can cats. They need attention, they crave human interaction. They want your praise and love. It's like having a little brother or sister, or maybe even a daughter or son. My mini schnauzer is kind of dumb, so we call him the toddler. He has to be lifted onto furniture, put to bed, etc. It's so cute!
I think cats can be very faithful. Assuming you've gained their trust and they like and respect you enough I imagine any cat will defend you and stick by your side. Those who say they are not faithful maybe feels they should be more like dogs where they listen to commands. Cats don't do that. Or at least not all cats would.

You can tell that some cats will respect someone more than another person based on how well they are treated by the person. All the cats in my parent's house like my sister because she feeds them and gives them toys and she knows how to read their body language. One of the cats does kinda like me because he follows me around a lot. When I try and take pictures of the other cats he's walking in front of me or he's tugging on the camera strap. I remember one night when he followed me up and down the stairs about 5 times.
Well, got to say that I pretty much agree with the general consensus here, that cats are pretty faithful, just not really always in the same way as dogs.

But my neighbor's cat you see. That cat. Seriously. I don't think she even gives a single fish about her owner. ^_^;
That's the difference between us and them. They don't know of anything such as betraying. At least, they don't betray humans. If only all the humans were like this.
Cats like close contact but I have noticed that they do it mostly when they want food. Often they go to the person that use to give them food or candy. If some other person starts interact with the cat, the cat likes it but it still pays more attention to the person that it knows has a higher chance of giving it food, so I would say cats are faithful to the persons that give them what they want. Not sure what happens if a person stops feeding them.
Cats are not faithful at all. When they approach someone it's just because they want food; once they discover this one doesn't have it, they leave quite fast. I usually call this behaviour "cat-whoring". Very Happy
I think 'faithful' is a weird thing to hope for from most animals.
I do not ave any idea about this that who is faithful and who is dangerous.For me both are equal because they are animals.
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