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Passive FTP Problem: Blogger

i have my site hosted on frihost, and a blogger account.
Everithing worked fine: I had my blog published on my site via FTP.
Recently, frihost changed the FTP settings, and now it it only accessible via ACTIVE FTP.
Does anyone have a tip on how to meke this work? I read blogger help and the only support Passive. I cant edit my blo until I fix this. If anyone can please help me,
Thank you,
kevinalle wrote:
Recently, frihost changed the FTP settings, and now it it only accessible via ACTIVE FTP. ... I read blogger help and the only support Passive.

If the program states that it can only use Passive mode, then i suggest finding a new FTP program! Smile

In the meantime, you can still upload, edit, rename, copy, and delete your files using the DirectAdmin file manager Wink
FTP is not my problem. I use fileZilla in active mode and there is no problem.
The problem is with the blogger. And I ont think there is such a good blog program around. I want to continue using it...
I'm not sure what the problem is... Why does Blogger need to use FTP to access your blog? According to your site, it's powered by - this uses an online form from a website to submit blog entires. It doesn't have to use FTP at all as far as I know.

If you're using a program (eg. software installed on your computer) please provide a link to the software's homepage so that we can check it out.
Blogger works the following way:
you have a blog manager and new post, edit post forms, in ( You create and edit posts on this site, and then all the content is published on my site (frihost). The information is sent from server to server via FTP. The problem is, again, blogger sends this information with PASSIVE FTP, and now frihost only supports ACTIVE FTP. This makes blogger and frihost incompatibe, and I would like things to work like before,
Thanks for your help
As their help says:
If your hosting provider only supports active FTP, you can ask them to enable either of the other versions so that you can work with Blogger.

That means they do not support active mode, and require remote hosts to use SFTP or passive mode, so Bondings would have to be the one to make such a change, and it would also be his decision what he wishes to allow on his servers.

I'm sure he'll read this soon (not knowing his EXACT schedule), so let's see what he has to say, since none of us moderators is able to change the server in the way Blogger wants.
OK then traveller...
so bondings.... is there any possibility that either passive FTP or SFTP is enabled on the server? All I want is to get my blog to work.
Thanks a lot,
I am having this problem too, and would like to have an answer. Blogger is the best blogging system and it is a pitty it doesnt work whith the best free web hosting.
If someone can please help...
Thank you
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