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Drop and Run

GRRRRRRRR. A neighbor asked if their son could sleep over here tonight while they went to a big party 2 hours away at a ski resort. I said sure because it is my sons best friend, and a sleep over would be exciting for both of them

15 minutes after they leave him, I hear him tell my son that he is sick. I ask him what is wrong and he said he feel like he is going to throw up. I take his temperature and he has a 100.7 and sure enough he throws up. I just got done cleaning the bath room and there is nothing worst than cleaning some other kids puke. Trust me.

I asked him if his parents knew he was sick and he said yes. I called there cell phone with no reply. I can not believe that any parents would go away for an over night party and dump a sick kid with a stomach flew at our place and not even tell us.

This is going to be a long night.
That is pretty sad. I could understand if they told you he was sick or if they did not know. Just dumping a sick child and leaving is a very selfish act.

Well I did get a return call. And to make it worst the parents were more upset because they might have to leave their party than how sick their son was.

This is the second time this happened to me BTW from the same family. Just dope him off sick and go out some where.

I have cleaned the bathroom up now 3 times. I can't possibly believe he has anything left in him. He is a nice kid but I don't want him here getting my whole hose sick too.

Well the final decision was from his parents was to send him home alone for the night. Which I can't do. He only 10, and I can imagine what ti would be like to be all by your self sick for a full night. So I am keeping him here.

I just hope none of my family gets sick too over all of this.
I guess this child is lucky to have a nice neighbor who is willing to take care of him. I have to wonder whether the parents are actually going to a party and being selfish and inconsiderate or whether they simply can't or won't take care of a sick child. Either one is pretty sad. His parents need to grow up and take some responsibility.
well, they realy should have said it to you, maybe they just had thought that he hadn't been so sick.

Anyway they should take more care about him.

This is not normal
Almost sounds like you should be his parent and not them :s
Just stop letting their son stay over =/
Mad Wow, that is completely uncool. I would have a stern talking to w/that kids parents about their repeated acts of selfishly abandoning their child and taking advantage of your kindness. Being a kind-hearted person that was taken advantage of too much in the past myself, nothing pisses me right off more than seeing a good person get used by an a-hole like that. Him being sick is inconvenient enough but them tricking you into having to deal with that is unacceptable. Nevermind it happening more than once.
Put them in their place and don't allow yourself to be put in any situation like that with these people again.
The good news is that no one here got sick. I was waiting for an estimated incubation, so it is not guaranteed that we are home free yet.

I was more worried that my kids might get sick over this and that would have made me very upset.

So I guess this has a happy ending. *Whew*
the important thing is you did the right thing. it's all that matters. cheers to you.
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