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Hip hop is dead

Is Hip hop dead
Hell No!
 34%  [ 8 ]
Nope but its on its death bed
 43%  [ 10 ]
 21%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 23

i believe that hip hop is on its death bed, i feel in love with what hip hop was....about the joy of making music and letting people know what's on your mind and trying to make creative hip hop or should i say rap music is all about what you got. and the people in the streets can't relate to that cuz we aint got shit ya dig so heres my dedication verse.....if you post a reply please make it as a verse just to see what you gotta say in that form.....

I'ma give rap a close casket funeral,
or bring it from the dead niggaz readjust your attitude,
here's some extra credit, damn we at the pinnacle,
through with being sinister, tell you what i'm finst ta do,
represent first most to myself hell,
niggaz aint doin good, niggaz aint doin well,
what happened to creative risk,
now these haters full of shit like a data disc,

know what i mean now the house aint a home,
and the best niggaz gone,
got me feelin all alone i,
lost my zone and i'm patiently waitin,
if you say that i'm hatitn then ****** kid i'm hatin',
they only got about 4 topics theres
you wanna get mad then tell me who's to blame,
got me spillin ones blood like my nickname is game,

you wanna get mad then tell me who's to blame,
Hip Hop die in 2002
with 50's get rich or die tryin
but we got people acting dumb in videos like a bunch of fool
now i love lupe's skater , trashes lyrics and they got me flyin
hip hop never dies
just goes back underground
where it rest and lays
poetry and goot beats is where rap is from

we got atmosphere mos def and talib
to keep it alive
then we got nas verses that will arise
and zion I and the grouch that have a good vibe
then there is madlib
you know what that is
now this street's gangsta rap
that aint nothing but a trap
to trao our youth and kill hip hop
with their dumb and pointless gangbaning talk.

Just a bit of my thoughts... tbc
Yes, I think that hip hop is still alive but unfortunately is dying. For me its ok because I am not really into this kind of music. Wink
Hip Hop is like a zombie. It's dead and will come back to life. Hip Hop is dead right now but I know new rappers will come out and show people hip hop isn't all black, isn't all about crime and every other stereotype of hip hop.

BTW Hip Hop is culture, not music. Rap is the music of Hip Hop.
Man. Tell me where you live and I'll move there.
Here I hear more HipHop then ever in the radio. Awfully. If HipHop can be killed, I'll figure out how and I'll do it.
ohh!!! please!!!! Rap music is the best.... you have to feel it to know what is it!!!! and if you don't know what rap is... I tell you not to say a couple of "!!"@@@@!"%$% please! so don't speak if you know nothing!!! could you??? Thanks.
In my opinion most of hiphop is trash. And YOU can't do anything against, not even tell me to be quiet. And if you say I don't know anything you're totally wrong. I think HipHop (I mean the good hiphop) died with 2Pac. And today? Artists are full of drugs, they are sexists and proud of being hit by a bullet from the gun of another gangsta.
And by the way: Rap is not music. Rap is just talking in a rhythmic way.
So I'm going to go on the streets with 10 or so gorgous girls dancing all around me. I put on a thick jacket, though it has 28°C out there and begin to talk about how bad any other rapper looks. Someone will record that on tape and in 2 weeks it will be played on the radio. And I know so much: That will work. It worked a hundred times with untalented people.
The Mitchell
I smells a troll. Blatantly mr TomS you are a tard. Why come in a thread blatantly made for people who like rap and tell them that their opinions are shit. Thats basically what you just did. Let me guess, your music taste is far superior to anyone ever. Woo go you. How about pull your ****** dick oput your ass, move away from the computer once in a while a get a ****** life. Im not particularly a rap fan but if ive said it once ive said it a million times. EVERY music genre has good stuff you just have to work your way through piles of shit to get to it. There are so many musicians in the world that thats always gonna be the case. The entirity of your argument about why rap and hip hop is shit is totally bollocks. I have been producing writing and enjoying all kinds of music for well over 6 years now. I play in numerous musical projects on many different music scenes and there is always one. Someone like yourself who seems to think its really smart and clever to put across there elitist musical tastes across. It is those same people who tend to be the ones that will end up pumping out the same old lame tasteless shit that generally gets put on the radio. It is your sort who ruin the music scenes for anyone else. Every music scene ive ever been on is always so goddamn cliquey and aggressive towards each other. You dontr like these peoples taste then dont talk to them. Thats your problem cos im sure as hell these guys really couldnt give 2 flying ****** about your opinion on their taste. Ya know just a thought! Right i am done with you. you may go back and play with yourself!
I used to love hip hop. My teens were totally owned by hip hop.
But since like, 2001/2002.. it all just got boring.
Y'know. Nothing really new. All very repetitive.

Hearing an old Kraftwerk song being sampled, with a new beat over the top and some idiot rapper going on about his money and ho's.. well, gets boring.

I'd rather listen to the original song they used in the samples, than the samey hip hop songs that are coming out.

Needless to say i dont listen to hip hop anymore.
Everyone has their own opinions, but here's mine hip/hop music will NEVER die. It has been here since the 90's and it keeps getting better and better, all newcomer artists fall into the hip/hop trend, the songs are catchy and inspirational (some of them).
I love all of the old rappers, and even some underground rappers today. Rappers used to use punchlines, multis, and put some thought into their lyrics! What happened today? Every song is the same... baby I need you.. baby I love you... shut up! what ever happened to the original stuff. Now you have all those stupid songs like Furgleicious and stuff. rappers today are soft...
None of the above. I just WISH it was dead. I hate hip hop, RnB and all that rubbish.
I don't think hip hop is dead. It's just not being marketed like it use to be. Gangsta rap is the trend at the moment.
Rap, Hip Hop, R & B, and whatever kind of style is not my style of music but I do not believe it is dead cause I still hear people listening to them and still see them on tv all the time.
Cmon guys yall gotta cop that new Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead album!!!

It is finaly an album buyworthy dropped in a long ass time.

Nas realy put it down on this new album.

Also im feelin Snoop`s new Tha Blue Carpet Threatment.

But yall realy should look out for

"O.F.T.B. - The Missing Deathrow Files"

To be released in 07, with 2 Unreleased Tupac tracks included and several unreleased Kurupt & Snoop Dogg tracks Smile
Hip hop is doomed. It's a gimmicky music style that stemmed from RnB and was never going to last long. There have been some very good records made, but Hip Hop needed the likes of Jay-Z and Puff Daddy to put out more material, and they've not found the next generation. All the new artists only rap about how they're going to shoot the guy on the other label.

The east coast - west coast rap war should have taught everyone that they hap to loose the more violent side of hip-hop. They've repeated the mistake over here though with Garage music going from being a respected art form to an outlet for the angst and violent tendancies of the people who are putting the records out.

Music can't survive violence, the only reason bands like the Who and the Jam are still going is because the Mods and Rockers sorted it out and stopped the mass brawls and riots.
All commercial hip-hop is sellout trash, I reckon. 10 year old white kids living in trailer parks listen to it, put on a bandanna then take photos of themselves, put them on myspace and say that they're "hard yo".

Here's a thought for you - I think it's funny that 50 Cent raps about how he's always got guns and drugs on him, bribing the cops, etc, but when he's arrested for speeding, he's completely clean. Weird, huh?

Well, hip-hop isn't dead, it's just that the commercial stuff is being dominated by dance music. And dance music is overplayed and overrated. I still love and listen to underground hip-hop, especially Jedi Mind Tricks and A Tribe Called Quest. Except all the tracks I got for Quest are so old they're all scratchy. Grr..
Been a long time since I appeared on these forums, but I think it's time for me to clear this up.

The reason I love hip hop is for it's beats, music and urban atmosphere, and not so much the lyrics. Even if most of the artists are black, who cares.

If you want to feel different from the rest of the crowd without being a metal head and listening to unheard of rock bands, which isn't a bad thing by the way, just listen to people like Talib Kweli, or the Roots which is a hip-hop band that uses real instruments. Because when people ask you what you listen to, you can run them a list on who you like and I guarantee most of them never even heard of Mos Def, Talib Kweli, or J Dilla.

Most people don't even know the producers behind all the music making. Like that one dude up above who says rap/hip hop is nothing but talking in rhythm is completely wrong because it's much more than that. Since I'm a hip hop producer, I can take your rock guitar, bass guitar, or whatever and play a jazzy lick against some hip hop drums, and maybe some violins in the background then you got a hit for the listeners.

It's those hip hop artists you hear all over the radio and MTV that are influencing a wrong opinion among these white people who are rock purists when they don't know anything behind hip hop but 2Pac and the stuff they hear on the radio.
Hiphop is not dying. No its just at a turning point. Just as Classic rock did. Rock sounds much diferent than it did 20 years ago. The style of rap and hiphop might sound different but it is certainly not dying. Not with how much money they make these days. Some artists will still make crap music and people will still listen to it just because it's new and they play it on the radio. then the next song with come out and flood the air waves and fade for the next one, untimatly it will change styles and sound different but it will still be hiphop/rap.
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