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Startpages? permission?

Hi! I have seen that many startpages not show the filename. Like . It is not showing if it's index.htm or what?
On my page it shows even if i don't write the last thing.

Another question I have. I want to save a number in a txt file using php. it works fine but to make this work I change the permission level on the directory to 777. Will this be unsafe? Can I use another permission level? The data is not that important but I want to know!
Do you have a redirect to that page? Meta tag or .htaccess or some other form?

That should be fine. If still worried though, move the files to a subdirectory and use from within there.
I think you answer my second question. I don't know what .htaccess is. Ah it's not importent data anyway. I want a answer on my first question! Very Happy
if its index.htm, index.php, or index.html, these are the start pages for a directory.

If you have all three of these in the directory, i think its up to the host which one takes priority over the other.

What is your first question again, could not really understand what you are asking for.
If I push a link or type in this: in the Addressbar I it will show in it insted. But if i type in the address bar will still show the same (
Can I get it work that way on my site too?
Yes you can and that happens by default. Something is going wrong with yours though. I looks like its being redirected. Hence my question before.
I found what was wrong. My site have frames and I have done so if not index.php is the top page it will change back.
Now it's look nice but if you search on it and found a part of the site it will not show all frames. I will fix it when I get some time.

Thanks anyway! Wink
I had problems with my startpage, but i solved it removing the default index.html, 'cause if you have index.php, they ignore it, you have to leave it alone
conspiranoia wrote:
I had problems with my startpage, but i solved it removing the default index.html, 'cause if you have index.php, they ignore it, you have to leave it alone

Yes but also can change the .htaccess file. "DirectoryIndex index.php" will make index.php load first.
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