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Who want to be James Bond?

In the fims, James Bond is very popular and almost all the girls are ready for him. What do you think? Do you want to be like James Bond so that all the girls are ready to go along with you?

For me. Yes, it is good to feel like James Bond.
No. I don't mean to embrace the clich้, but being popular is not everything. The lust James Bond sparks in women is superficial. I guess it really comes down to a question of long-term attraction vs. lust. If short-lived physical attraction means everything to a person, then yes it would be nice to be Bond. Otherwise, no. I personally have no desire to be like James Bond. I guess everyone's different. Enough of my ramblings.

well, i don't want to have a license to kill. Too much responsibility for me. And with guns comes the danger.
And I hardly can trust any girl that is laying in my arms.
I don't want to be James Bond as i don't like him and his movies.But most of bus drivers and taxi drivers in Myanmar (Burma) may want to be .They always feel like driving like him. Very Happy
I would want to be the actor for James Bond but not the actual character. The reason is that his life is way to risky. You might have all the girls and money or whatever but you can die instantly and lose it all instantly. Not worth the risk if you ask me.
Not me! Id rather work with Q. Toys and explosions sound like much more fun. Being a lab rat for decades, I cant think of a better job than designing clever toys using the very best tech. Smile

Besides, if the new Bond has his way, he will be attracting guys also.[url][/url]
I'd rather be M... I always wanted to wear stockings... err... Aside from the killing and the usual disrespect for women, being Bond would be cool.
Sometimes, i wanna be like him, but mostly i dont want to. Im looking for love and long relationship
oooh, i love james bond. Embarassed i think he's the hottest fictional man there is. hehe. he's got it all: good looks, appeal, charm, great reflexes, really smart and witty, and he's the best British spy there is. Very Happy

i do not want to love his ways though. he uses women for pleasure or information and rarely finds any lasting emotional attachment to them. if you follow the series you'll see that there's always motivation behind his romantic escapades. sometimes it's just for pleasure, it's never really love.

though this is not to say that he didn't fall in love. he did. watch casino royale. the irony was that his one real love died on him. *shrugs* i knew he was married, but his wife was killed (I think) so it would be understandable if he wouldn't wear his heart on his sleeve anymore. Very Happy

anyway, to answer your question: no, i do not want to fall in love with james bond. i wouldn't want to be a discarded bond girl, soon forgotten after the movie's over. Very Happy
I've always wanted to be James Bond since I was young.

Back then, I didn't know what sleeping with women meant, but it looked kinda cool to have so many women around you.

Now that I'm much older, I still wouldn't mind being James Bond, but that kind of lifestyle is way too dangerous. You never know what you might pick up.

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James Bond is the biggest Macho Cliche ever!!! No i don't really wanna be like him...
Well in hindsight of the movie and the way a special agent is portrayed, yeah it would be nice to be like James Bond.

As for real life and the way it truly is, no I'd rather not.

I mean who wouldn't like to be one of the most popular guys, get all the pretty girls, know anything about everything, and kick butt to boot?

I'm pretty sure it's a little fantasy that most men have thought about once or twice in their lives.
well seeing as how he's perceived as being this cool guy and everything, he's also the guy very powerful and evil men try to kill so no. I say this simply because while I would be attracting literally hordes of women they'd also run the risk of being in certain peril because of it.
Well see that's the thing. In the movie world, the way James Bond is portrayed, he's pretty much indestructible. Wouldn't you want to be indestructible?

If I knew I could take on anyone, know everything, and get all the ladies, then why not?

I mean people such as Osama Bin Laden target regular people such as you and I for no real good reason.

The only people who target James Bond are other rival agents or plain old evil people.

So in that situation, I'd rather be James Bond than myself anyway, as I'd survive much longer and have the ladies while I'm at it. Wink
James Bond seems to be something of a legend. I personally liked the

most recent film, called Casino Royale. It brought the spy hard world

back to reality, for those of you who have seen the film you know what I

mean. I made some very interesting James Bond spoof videos for my

church announcement videos. It was a lot of fun, the guy I was working

with played the part very well. If anyone wants to see some of my cheesy

videos shoot me an email
Not all girls like James Bond. Maybe he is my last favorite character. For me he desireves some respect about the brain and for nothing else. I like mistirious tipe of man and this matcho tipes dont impress me at all. The classic of the movies who suites me and stay my favorite in years is Batman.
This scenario is if you were in the movie world, not real life. I'm not sure if that's the intention of the originator of this thread, but it's definitely mine.

And according to that, ALL the girls are attracted to James Bond. It's just part of the story line.

The reason why I'd have to think that ryukenden's intention was about the movie/book character is because there is no such person as a real life James Bond. Secret agents do not conduct business in the way that he does. They don't live high flashy lifestyles with no disregard to their identity. They're pretty much the opposite of the movie character James Bond.

So I'm only going according to the character that Ian Fleming has created for his books and movies.
i don t want to be james bond its too dangerous !!!
and all this gilrs nooo^^
how about austin powers? irresistible to women and fembot too.

groovy baby, yeah!
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