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Death Race 2000

after 25 years since i was first warped by this all time classic i have finally tracked down a copy for myself. for anybody that has not been introduced to this film it features Sylvester Stallone and David Carradine in thier young roles as race drivers across america set in the futuristic time setting of the year 2000. in this far off futuristic date our society has developed a taste for the barbaric; especially when it involves national heros running over citizens for points in specially equiped death machines.
Captain Fertile
OMG!!! I had forgotten all about this movie. It was lame when I watched it in my youth but it has got to be worth another viewing now that time has rolled on and we are past the futuristic year 2000. It can only have gotten even more lame and cheesy with the march of time.

I am going to hunt down a copy and have a nostalgic evening in with this movie and maybe another as back-up should I either grow tired of it or need a jolt of more modern film making to bring me back to this millennium.

Thank you for reminding me of this, dare I say, classic movie of a bygone age when the year 2000 was filled with mystery, imagination and dreams of scientific knowledge far beyond our actual abilites (although this movie did correctly predict our need for extreme entertainment in this day and age).
Carradine was popular then because of the Kung Fu series and Stallone was quite young and unintelligible (his diction has gotten better over time). Here in the Philippines, it came out the same time as Roller Ball, so we had a choice between these two futuristic and violent movies.
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