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Review my site


This is my website. What do you think? You probably can't read it, but I can tell you it's a website about football. Thanks for reviewing!
Looks pretty good, both in Firefox and Internet Explorer. The grass is a very nice and fun background. You kept the layout sober and clean, that is important because the backgound is colorful enough.
I don't quite understand why you didn't put the links in the navigation in a list (below one another), but meh .. this works too.
These days div's are quickly replacing tables. I see you still used tables to organize your content with. Maybe you should think about switching -one day.
Oh, and the orange in your logo? you should find some way of bringing that into something else on the site. Now it looks as if the logo doesn't realy belong there.. Kinda apart from everything else.

Still, very good job!

It looks okay on Internet Explorer and Firefox, but there's a white border on Opera. You probably need to define your borders more specifically. Tables and frames are icky. They greatly increase your loading speed. An alternative would be to use floating divs with css and php.
HEY wow this is one of the best designs i've seen all month~

I mean it. It's clean, flowing...

only set back, however, is your font. To me, this is just a personal thing, it looks unfitting for a football site.

Also despite the fact it looks good, the layout does not suit the football mood. Sports pages, if you do some googling usually don't have backgrounds and are more about simplicity.

IT's pretty good. It's a good start.

GOOD LUCK WITH IT! (not much to say)
The homepage is great. I like the grass background, however, I don't understand the photo with the flags and bicycles. Is this the home field for the football team? If so, perhaps photographing from a different spot to feature interesting and characteristic parts of the field might be good. Or maybe the team playing in a game or something like that.

Another thing you might want to change are the links from the homepage. They open up into new pages rather than into the main page. Also, they are not styled like the homepage and have no links. What if someone landed on one of those pages from Google? They wouldn't know where they were or have any context for what the page was telling them.

Looks good so far!
Looks nice!

I like the grass brackground Smile.
But the black is a little bit depressing,
(since it has no tones Sad)
Maybe you should take some website-design tutorials?
you can find some verry good ones @!
Keep it up Wink .

nice look...especially the 3d background caths attraction.
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