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Re: Request rejected

This is an open letter sent to an administrator addressing some relevant issues in my opinion regarding the rejection of my account. I hope this inspires some change. Thanks.

In response to your rejection,

First I would like to begin with a quote. "Brevity is the soul of wit." I would just like to say your dismissal of my application because my posts were too short is wrong in my opinion for several reasons. I will list them now.

1) A one-line question or response is no less relevant than a paragraph or two. Often long winded questions and answers simply serve to confuse others with extraneous information. My posts were concise for a reason to get my point across and get relevant SPECIFIC information to questions regarding web design and other issues. A whole paragraph would have been grossly unnecessary for most of my questions.

2) Topics with answers already aren't necessarily the end all be all for a question. Often times others will have different views on how to solve a problem. For example if I had just read FAQs regarding frames i might have found only 1 or two relevant responses but by posing the question again I believe I may enticed additional responses that would not have been answered by the FAQ. Just because a question has already been asked does not mean it should not be asked again. Asking the same question gets real-time response and encourages people to interact rather than read canned responses deemed appropriate my the administrator.

3) Quantity does not necessitate quality. I bet you would find many one to two paragraph posts that could have easily been asked in a shorter form allowing more people to read it and come up with an answer. Often times people add non-relevant information that confuses their real question diluting the potential to get the answer they are looking for quickly and with precision.

In summary I hope perhaps you can use my response as a stepping stone to re-evaluate your methods of rating your post. I know I am a newbie and outside but I am already discouraged by your response and rejection as it appears to be elitist and disheartening. Once given permission to post to my account I would have many more questions I am sure but instead I am stuck now. I am a novice and need guidance to improve instead I am being told that my ignornace is not welcome in your community. I potentially would come up with better posts with more experience but as a newbie I need to keep my questions simple. Perhaps another web community will welcome me with open arms more easily than you have done.

Simeon Moses

We regret to inform you that your request has been rejected.
Reason: You need 5 quality posts for free hosting. You have a couple good posts, but most of your posts are rather short. Please write some longer (a paragraph or two would would be something to shoot for) and more useful posts in order to get hosted by us.
Simeon, that rule exists solely because there are a lot of users that post mainly Spam, which we don't want, and we need to set some kind of minimum to perceive if the user is someone who will actually be a good member or if they are just here to Spam.

The 5 quality posts rule isn't 100% accurate and sometimes we may reject accounts to users who end up being excellent participants in the forums or give accounts to people who end up only spamming the forums. For that, we are sorry.

But we NEED that rule imposed so we can have an idea of what kind of user we are looking at BEFORE we give him an account. Our server space is limited and we want to give accounts preferably to those who will participate in this community, not just anyone who wants some filespace and doesn't get involved in this forum.

IF you are willing to participate actively in this forum (and you obviously seem to be), you should have no problems getting your account. it was rejected the first time because we were unsure of what kind of user we were facing. A few posts later, we may get a good idea of what you can bring to our community and accept your account.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have been, but after a few more posts, you will be able to re-request an account.

We're glad you posted this message, wich proves helpful and gives us feedback as to what new users feel when they join in, as we are constantly trying to improve our community. If you have a suggestion as to how we could redesign this, you're welcome to post it too Very Happy

Be Well Cool
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