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suspended domain :S?!!!

hello Smile I'm really sorry to bug you with this.. but I get this weird message when I try to access my site :S!

This account has been suspended.
Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

the site is:

Sad what happened ? I hope I didn't do something wrong Sad
This is the message that is displayed if you have used all of your bandwidth... but seeming as we're only half way through the month, that's probably not the reason. If you can, login to DirectAdmin (via - as the /config may not work during suspension), and under the Your Account section, click Domain Setup. It should then show Suspended as being 'yes' in the domain's column. If you have accidently disabled it yourself, click this checkbox, and click the Suspend/Unsuspend button, and your (sub)domain will be restored in a few minutes.

This won't work if you have reached your bandwidth (or another limit), so if it's not working, check this also.

If you havn't received an email or private message, or AWITS ticket, you more than likely havn't done anything wrong Smile (not a certainty though)

... if this doesn't fix it, you'll have to wait for a reply by a mod/admin Smile
hey, thanx for replying chris Smile

I have tried what you told me, but I can't login to directAdmin.. :S!! it just doesn't recognize the username and password or something Sad

and I don't think I had bandwith problems, since this site is new and It didn't have many visitors :S

also, I didn't receive any e-mail or message saying that my account was going to be deleted or something :S!
I'm guessing either the above post is right or that you have done something wrong I cant say I've ever had that message myself but it certainly does look as if your account has been banned...(well suspended:P ) or you have reached your bandwidth limit.

Although i my be wrong.... a mod or bondings will be able to tell you more

Just out of curiosity what was the site and what did it have on it any big downloads?

IPB isn't allowed. It is clearly stated that it isn't allowed in the TOS and that if it found on your account, you will be banned immediately.
billybob: I don't think the bandwidth was the problem, as the site didn't have many visitors, and I had no big files to download.. the only downloadable thing were some wallpapers.. and I don't think any of them were bigger than 400k ..

My site was a harry potter fan site.. with wallpapers, blinkies, news, e-cards, news, etc..

mathiaus: I didn't have IPB or any forum or chat... in my site.
alexpotter wrote:
mathiaus: I didn't have IPB or any forum or chat... in my site.

Replied to the wrong thread sorry Embarassed
mathiaus wrote:
alexpotter wrote:
mathiaus: I didn't have IPB or any forum or chat... in my site.

Replied to the wrong thread sorry Embarassed

Yea its most likely that you ran out of bandwidth. Try logging into directadmin if it says your account has been suspened then thats most likely the coulprate.
My apologies for the delay, I was pretty busy lately.

We'll handle this privately, please check your private messages.

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