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Which do you prefer, Gold or platinum?

I wonder for jewelry, which do you prefer Gold or platinum. Do you like gold or platinum itself? If not, which gems do you like to put, ruby, jade, pearl or anything else.
i'm a fan of silver, i like the name and its color better.
Good observation on Silver. I've always loved the way that word looks:


Awesome. As for how the stuff itself looks, I've never been a real fan of jewelry. I prefer free things like trees Razz

I prefer silver than gold. I don't like the color of gold or any other gems.
Captain Fertile
Colin496 wrote:
Good observation on Silver. I've always loved the way that word looks:


Awesome. As for how the stuff itself looks, I've never been a real fan of jewelry. I prefer free things like trees Razz


Are you single by any chance?

If I had got down on one knee and asked my then girlfriend if she would marry me, she said yes and then…
…I slipped a Horse Chestnut on her finger – she would have shoved it where the sun don’t shine and beaten me to death with one of the branches!!!

I’m just kidding, I know what you mean and I agree with what you say, but I know my wife wont. Wink
i prefer platinum instead of gold. I like the silvery look but it looks more pure than silver and is not so shiny.
My wife doesn't like yellow gold, but loves white gold and other silvery stuff. I don't think she has anything platinum. She also doesn't like Diamonds for some reason. That's ok with me. Smile
Gold is a metallic element with a characteristic yellow color, but can also be black or ruby when finely divided, while colloidal solutions are intensely colored and often purple. These colors are the result of gold's plasmon frequency lying in the visible range, which causes red and yellow light to be reflected, and blue light to be absorbed. Only silver colloids exhibit the same interactions with light, albeit at a shorter frequency, making silver colloids yellow in color.


Platinum is an extremely rare metal, occurring as only 5 ppb in the Earth's crust. Platinum is often found chemically uncombined as native platinum and alloyed with iridium as platiniridium. The platinum arsenide, sperrylite (PtAs2), is a major source of platinum associated with nickel ores in the Sudbury Basin deposit in Ontario, Canada. The rare sulfide mineral cooperite, (Pt,Pd,Ni)S, contains platinum along with palladium and nickel. Cooperite occurs in the Merensky Reef within the Bushveld complex, Transvaal, South Africa. South Africa is the largest producer of platinum in the world.
I love silver as well, its cool and not very costly. Platinum is alright but not really worth the money. Thank god i'm a guy and i dont believe in jewellery, or i'd be like my girlfriend spending at least $100(SGD) a month on accesories.
i prefer to have platinum coz i think it's look classy Very Happy
Gold. It's classic. Especially get high quality stuff. Stick in a diamond, and you're set. Smile Or emerald or blue topaz looks beautiful on platinum. Smile
my wife prefers white gold... I said... why not just get silver.... same colour and 1/4 the cost!
I like gold and pearl together in one piece of jewelery
It's all about the gold, baby.
I think gold looks like peed on silver, and platinum is just a metal to me. Silver silver silver! Or white gold. Mmmm, white gold. Very Happy
i like gold.
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