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Online vs Brick & Mortar schooling...

What would you choose Online or Brick & Mortar schooling...
 0%  [ 0 ]
Brick and mortar
 100%  [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 7

Well technology has finally made it where we can do school online. Or should I say the need for online schooling. I believe online schools are geared to self-discipline students, who can teach themselves. Some people don't like online due to the fact they feel they wont get enough learing as normal school would teach.

Don't really know where I was going with this, but to me it creates a great poll and peoples opinions. Please share

Btw, I attend a online school...
I chose brick and mortar because to me its kind of an open ended question. If I were taking one course AND the technology available encouraged collaborative discussion, then sure I think online schooling would be great (in fact I think the culture would be more diverse since people are not constrained geographically). However the online courses I've taken marginalized people who aren't that good with technology and you never really got to hear their voices heard, you know? I think brick and mortar is still better until the internet is more seamless and user friendly. One reason I am a proponent of AJAX methodology, but I also think OS's need to improve as well.
Im afraid I havn't really tried the online method but I think its got to cut you off of many things of the brick-mortar style schooling that we take for granted.....Socialising, Confidence boosting, Bunking classes Twisted Evil , Hanging out with friends.....I know you'll say that it can be done outside the online world but I think it shouldnt be that way......I learnt a lot from my school....Everything I am is because of the friends and teachers who were around me always taking care of me.....I dont see that happening in an online world as well as in the brick/mortar school....Maybe if you can give me an account of a day in your online school Very Happy (if it's not too much trouble).
IMHO degrees from purely online programs don't mean as much. how do you take exams? no one can monitor them, so they can all be open book, and if your book is the Internet, then you probably can ace everything without trying.

You also miss out on interaction with professors - some are terrible, but some are inspiring.
in my opinion I find Brick and Mortar far more worthwhie, but this is probably as I am a visual learner, and I learn far far better when someone does it infront of my eyes while explaining what to do. I'm sure that online schooling is very appealing to alot of people but thats just my 2 cents.
Brick and mortar for my by far, just because I lack the focus to stay consistant with online. Too many temptations online for me to not entertain myself when I should be learning.
Brick and Mortar by far. I like the personal contact with the teacher and the students and i am just plain lazy and would do nothing if i took an online class.
I've done both, and by far I appreciate the brick and mortar more.

I did University of Phoenix for awhile which has a combination of the two. Don't remember what it's called, but you go to class once a week for a lecture, presentations, and etc. You do your reading and some assignments over the web. I loved the format, though I thought the classes were too easy to pass. I easily maintained a 4.0. My only problem with them is the frequency of the classes, and the problems with financing.
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