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JOEY show !!

hey guys .. did you watch Joey show (2seasons)
oh my god I realy loved that show ..
and what did NBC do !! cancel the show .. and stop millions of peaple enjoying that realy good show ..
so .. liked Joey show ?
do you want a Season 3 ?

Waiting Laughing ..
Considering that they cancelled it because of low ratings, I don't think millikons of people were watchign it. Yuo might have been the only one.

That show was awful.
no offence to anybody, but that show was kinda lame....
Captain Fertile
I was/am a HUGE Friends fan but the idea of Joey by himself did not appeal to me and I have never seen a single episode of Joey. The idea just did not appeal.

I always said that if there was ever a spin-off of the show the only way it could maybe work would be if it followed Joey and Chandler while they were room-mates but the of course that will not happen now.

Joey was a good character but not good enough to pull off his own show. Friends really was a show where the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. The relationships between all the characters was what made the show and without any of those characters it would be weaker.

Hence I felt Joey was not going to be a good idea and would take away from my enjoyment of Friends if I watched it.
the show sucked big time...esp after friends, it was a big let down.

they should have pulled the plug after the 1st season itself.
I think Friends is better.

Why not Friend Season 7 instead of a Joey Season 3?
Friends is better, but the Joey character is great in both shows.
I only watched one season of Friends. I was forced to watch Joey once. It was not my cup of tea.
That show sucked!
That Joey show was terrible. I saw most of season 1 and just stopped watching it and im glad its gone so better tv shows can come on.
I saw a few Episodes of it, and found it be pretty good watch. Perhaps I am the one who wasn't expecting anything, and got a lot from the show Laughing
I myself am a huge huge fan of Friends but the show "Joey" didnt appeal to me at all.
Friends was such a huge hit owing to the different kinds of comedies in it. Matthew Perry's comedy was different and Matt Le Blanc's was different. So basically one never got bored of it.

But in Joey, you get to see the same old kiddish faced Joey over and over again. I mean, People, we can see the guy with that look for a few days but come on. It gets really really boring after a while. I dont think its such a good idea for the producers to take out another season of Joey. The show sucked and it would only cause further losses to them.
I watched like 10 minutes of it and decided i didn't like it... maybe i should've given it more of a chance Sad
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