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Looking For This Software. Can AnyBody Help?

I am looking for a piece of software which does the following:

Basically, I learn better when I hear smoething, rather than reading something (as I have to re-read it a few times to properly understand). I constantly listen to my iPod and as my exams are coming up I wish to put some notes onto it so I can revise (by hearing) whilst I'm doing the things I usually do when I listen to music (I listen to music all the time, except when I'm asleep, so this software would be really benefitial to me).

I want the sofware to create an audio file from text that I want it to read. Basically, I add text in a box, and the software will then create an audio file. Ideally, options that I want included are multiple different voices so I can choose the one I can udnerstand the most, and some pronounication tool for words that it won't be able to pronounce properly automatically. Maybe also change the pitch of the voice and have an option to have breaks in the file.

I have no idea if this kind of software exists and also have no idea as to what to look for, so any help would be appreciated.

I am willing to pay for the software, although I'd obviously like a free one if it is avaiable.

Hope you can help.
wumingsden, I know this isn't what you're truly looking for, but it might help you out a bit, and it's free.

It's a demo of text-to-speech technology from AT & T.

Text-To-Speech (TTS) -- Our Demo Speaks Your Text

I've used it in the past to create .wav sound files for various programs. (You can even create curse words if you're willing to type out the sounds of the words. It won't say an actual "curse" word that it recognizes. Wink )

It's limited, but it has several different voices & languages to choose from, and playing around with it might give you a better idea of where to look for the software you want and what features to search for.

Best of luck!
Sounds like Notepad SX. It is free from SXSoftware
Um... looking at the SX Software website, I see nothing in the program features of Notepad SX that mentions converting text to speech, or anything about creating audio files from what you've typed.

I'd think if the program had that feature, the website would surely mention it.
I think Windows XP has's part of the accesibility set (you may have to install it from the CD)
Same to me, I really like that kind of reviewing style and I try to search for Google if there is any software that could sound record any notes that I wrote.

If anyone here knows a software that will have those capabilities that wumingsden post kindly share it here.

I will gladly appreciate your help and I'm willing to pay to if it cost a little bucks. Smile
My Windows XP has a Speech icon in the Control Panel. Also check out

You can record the voice output with Audacity or whatever application. See the following topic:

But whatever you do, computer-voice technology is not super advanced yet, so the voice will not sound completely natural. It's already quite good though.

You're not going to use this as a way of cheating are you Smile
i loved the SX Software . its very nice.
The best program for that is called Kurzweill. Its made primarily for people that have trouble reading but it would work for your application. You just write what you want it to say or you can even just scan it into to the program with a scanner. It then reads it to you, in whatever voice you decide. So it would be possible to make an audio file of it reading your notes or a book or something.
Dear wumingsden,
This link might help -
It is not a software for download, but you can enter the text you want and download the sound as a WAV file, I think.

EDIT : Consider the Google Ads on this page. It may link to some useful sites about this.
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