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Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

American satiric science fiction author - I enjoyed everything by him.

Why do so few people know him generally, if everyone I meet who know him likes his books a lot?

On request I may send some probe of his work via email.
Ioana wrote:
American satiric science fiction author - I enjoyed everything by him.
I love the "Bogombo Snuff Box" short fiction collection and the "In The Monkey House" collection.

Why do so few people know him generally, if everyone I meet who know him likes his books a lot?
Because his work isn't old enough to be a mainstream 'classic' yet but it's too old to be on the bestseller lists. The only people who know his work are already SF fans and people who enjoy offbeat, philosophical fiction.
I'm a big fan. I did a scholarly bibliography about Vonnegut. Listing all of the articles, books, etc about Vonnegut between 1997 and 2001 took 54 pages, so the academic community is catching on. Just wait a few more years and he'll be a major name in schools. I really think he will be seen as a Mark Twain type figure 100 years from now. As for my favorites by him... I can't even begin to come up with an ordered list. Right now, I'm enjoying Monkeyhouse for what seems to be the hundreth time. I really, really like "Long Walk to Forever." I know it's not his usual stuff, but I found it moving. "All the King's Horses" is also good and so is "Deer in the Works." As for his longer stuff, Slaughterhouse is always a good read, and I love Like Shaking Hands with God.


a very talent writer... i got into his from in my freshman year high school english class... we read galapagos
Like very much-thanks
breakfast of champions is arguably one of the greatest novels of all time. i love all the vonnegut ive read.
Breakfast of Champions is hilarious, and Cat's Cradle is pretty fantastic. I also love Galapagos and Jailbird. In fact, the man can apparently do no wrong.
I have not read this author but have heard of him and he is oft quoted in may contexts and the assembled comments suggest I should remedy this deficiency.
I've only read 'Breakfast for the Champion' and Galapagos...
Two excellent books !

Could anyone suggest me what is next to be read from Kurt Vonnegut ?
I tell you some more titles I like, but can't tell what to read: Cat's Cradle, Mother Night, Slapstick, Player Piano or The Sirens Of Titan.
Thanks for the titles.
I'll try to find some of them. Not sure all have translated into French though.
And I'm not fluent in English enough to read books directly in English... But maybe I'll have a try if I have no choice !
Sorry to revive an old thread, but I just finished Slaughterhouse-Five. It's definitely one of the greatest novels I've ever read. I picked it up at a bookstore months ago after hearing good things about it, but it completely blew me away. I can't wait to read more. I think I'll read Cat's Cradle, Breakfast of Champions, and Player Piano next.
great writer, I had to pick a book for a class from a list and I happened to pick Slaughterhouse-Five. That was my first Vonnegut book.
I second the recommendation of The Sirens of Titan and and also highly recommend Breakfast of Champions--the his little scribble drawings are hilarious
I've only read slaughterhouse five but I think I'll have to go pick up a copy of Breakfast of Champions.
So many good books. I don't know how many I have read, as some books stick in my memory as two seperate books, and others seem to blend into one. I recall one book which was supposedly written on small scraps of paper and arranged into a collection to create a story, and being totally bowled over by it. FANTASTIC, though I can't remember another word of it...??? Odd, but good.
i have to read 3 books by him for a project

i chose slaugherhouse five and breakfast of champions
what else do you think i should read? (and im not allowed to read cat's cradle)
I just started reading Galapagos. So far it seems like it will be pretty interesting. There are probably a few descriptions of it on Amazon or something so check it out and if you think it sounds interesting, pick it up! Player Piano is another that I think sounds pretty good.
ok thanks for your input, i'll go check those out
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