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Favorite James Bond Movie

James Bond-007
What is your favorite James Bond movie?
James Bond-007
I, myself, would have to say the movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
I am sorry to say that I don't like James Bond. I even feel sorry for myself for having seen two of his movies, which I consider to be two of the worst movies ever made.
I like him very much
I see there has been three acters who act him
I think the one latest is the best one
and the next is even better
The World is Not Enough
I do not understand James Bond.
James Bond-007
cnnet wrote:

...I see there has been three acters who act him...

Actually, there are 5 actors Very Happy
James Bond-007
lotte wrote:
I do not understand James Bond.

What don't you understand?
Tommorow Never Dies !
My favorite is "Die another day". I even have it on DVD Laughing
Hoogeveense RAT
My favorite is GoldenEye, because a have the game of it at the Nintendo64. I like that game very well Smile, and I also like the film very well
B. Brown

Personally, this IS my favorite Bond film. The plot was GREAT, the bad guys were DANGEROUS, it was full of classic ESPIONAGE, and it was all around FUN...
The pre-credits of this film demonstrate something that every new Bond film should have (all though they don't). Bond sneaks onto land, from under water with a sea-gull mask disquising him! Then, he beats anyone who gets in his way, puts some C4 on Nitro, blow it up, then makes out with some girl... UNTIL, more action comes back where he fights a guy who tries to kill him. And this was only the pre-credits, need I remind you . Goldfinger's plot to irradiate the gold supply at Fort Knox was pure genius. My favorite scenes of this film were the pre-credits of course, scenes in the woods, and the final Fort Knox scene. The music in this film was also great! The only thing to complain about is the ending, where Goldfinger gets sucked out of the plane... it looks completely fake, unfortunately. They should have found a better way to pull it off. But, compared to the rest of the film, that part is only like a small scratch on a car... Wink
Ive been a bond fan since I was like 6 and my favorite movie would have to be.....Ah man do I have to pick one....*sigh*....I guess it would be Moonraker.

I first saw the movie like a million times and loved it, I thought the action was great and so was the plot. I also like the parts were they injected some humor into it.

Then a few years after I saw the movie, I was at my local library and saw Ian Flimmings books, so I decided to read Moonraker.

It amazed me how different the movie and the book where. It was almost hard to tell how they got the movie FROM the book.
my favarite James Bond movies
is Tomorow Never Die
i like this movie because
this movie is show the high-technology
i love technology
James Bond - Taking tactical espinoge and making it a totally diffrent thing

Jason Borne - Thats what im talking about!
For Your Eyes Only.

I think I like this one because it filmed a lot in the Greek Islands, and I spent a year in Greece, so it was a bit familiar.

But I like most of the Bond Films, except for the Timothy Dalton ones.
My favorite is "Die another day". ....the best......
Me too votes 4 "DIE ANOTHER DAY"

Also liked "GOLDEN EYE"
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