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how many people out there get the usa network? have you seen the show monk. if you have what do you think of him and do you like the show?anyone out there think they are like monk? i like the show myself becase i think it is real funny. i also know some people that reminds my of monk. what are so of you favate tv shows?
I love Monk! It's one of my favorite tv shows. It's one of those rare crime shows (nowadays, at least) that is lighthearted, and I like that. I get sick of the "grittier," more "realistic" shows like CSI... it gets so depressing after a while. Monk is a nice change of pace for me. Very Happy
Oh, Monk is my absolutely favourite tv show!
I love him and his disorder...
After I had watched all episodes I began to behave like Monk..

I wonder whether Tony Shalhoub started to be like Mr. Monk... Smile

err... who do you like more: Sharona or Natalie? ;>
"Monk" is my favorite scripted hour on cable TV. Tony Shalhoub is a terrific comic actor - he was also hilarious as Antonio Scarpacci in 135 episodes of "Wings". Traylor Howard seems to be best suited as Monks assistant replacing Bitty Schram. I will miss Stanley Kamel as Monk's psychiatrist who passed away April 8 2008. R.I.P.
I've only seen a couple of shows - I'm kind of hard pressed for time - but this topic does remind me to check the TV guide for when it's on tonight... I did love the few shows I saw.
I love it, it's something different from the normal crime shows, I can't help but laugh at the stupid things he has to do Razz I haven't seen that many shows actually, and only the newer ones. My favorite between the ones I have seen is the one where he gets kicked out from the dry cleaner.
yeah watch it here in Europe and like it very much when I get to see it
I really like the monk show, it will be sad to see new episodes since Stanley Kamel (Monk's psychiatrist.) died in real life of a heart attack. He was a great actor, bet Monk will have a serious depression. I also watch Psych, law and order SVU and CI.
For those of you who haven't seen "Monk" or can not Tivo it, I put a full episode on my website, just click on my website then click on TV Videos, and you'll find an episode and you can watch a whole show anytime on demand. Hope you enjoy.
Monk is my favorite show. I like this show very much. Its all episodes are good and I like the storyline ans characters too. Overall its nice show to watch online.

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I use to watch it when it aired but now i got the DVD series to watch hehe
I just started watching this on Netflix (they have it on Instant). I wanted to watch it because I heard great things, but it honestly took me a few episodes to really begin to get into it. I am always tempted by shows that have lots of long episodes (this show has like what? 6 seasons?) because it means that I'll have a show I can watch for a while on my second monitor as I so other stuff. But anyway, I stuck with it and I'm halfway through the first season now and am finally really into it and beginning to like the characters more and the storyline.
Great show and it was disappointing when the show ended. Very original and much better than the same old same old cops shows that litter the TV schedules.
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