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Need advice on my site design!


I want to know if the information I have displayed in my home page at is easily navigable and not cluttered. Need suggestions on how to make it more user friendly.
first of all, you spellt sell wrong... hehe just kidding. But regarding the title there it looks kinda cheap when it's just plain large text like that, you should fancy up some text in photoshop and put the image there instead it looks much nicer. Kinda like the frihost logo over in the top-left there. And I dont like the way you have the backgrounds set up.. it doesnt flow, and when you look at pictures of the cities if just switches to blank background. I'm not sure what exactly you should do with it but try and maybe get a bit of a nicer flowing look going
It does not look very well in my firefox webbrower.Beside the use of frame make the whole web lookes a bit of untidy and the big title of your log looks umbalanced with the content of your web.
{name here}
1. Don't use frames
2. Don't use repeating backgrounds like that. Plain ones look best.
3. Make a logo
4. Make the main menu below the logo look better
5. Clean up that HTML if you didn't already do so.

Then you have a decent web page.
{name here} wrote:
1. Don't use frames
2. Don't use repeating backgrounds like that. Plain ones look best.
3. Make a logo
4. Make the main menu below the logo look better
5. Clean up that HTML if you didn't already do so.

Then you have a decent web page.


the logo//banner is really lacking... and the background doesn't fit the webpage. It shouldn't be tiled because it looks very unflowing as stated before. The whole areas just look really werid~ You need to fix it up.

it's a good start. The main menu is a white block. That really degrades your webiste. Plus, blue and orange? those colours don't work together the way you put it together. It looks kind of tacky.

To contradict a previous comment, "cell your city" is quite a good slogan.

good luck with your webpage. I'm sure it'll be good.
I think you started off wrong on this website, first the things that you did good:

- The concept is very nice, you really have got an idea and you put that in the site.
- There is a lot of information on the site, per city you can find all sorts of restaurants and phone numbers, very nice.

Then the things that need improvement:

- One thing that very disturbs is the use of a (!)-sign on the end of any sentence. It comes through as if you were shouting and that's not user friendly, it's exactly the opposite. Try putting points there.
- The background ofcourse. You cannot have a background like this, it's very busy and I can't really seperate the real website from the background at some point. Try making it one full background that's a bit more relaxed, not so busy.
- A very important thing that is not very easy to change is your color scheme. I personally think it's too much (you might have another opinion). You should try to stick with two or three colors that are a good match. In the title I see darkblue, darkorange, lightblue and white (4), then in the main background i see purple and yellow (2). The center is quite nice, only 3: lightblue, white and orange. So you have more than 6 different colors. Try patching that up with some colorcoordinating, try to get paint to help here or use a hexadecimal color scheme somewhere on the web.

If you take these notes and put these and the posts from other reviewers above here (like no frames etc.) you can come to a good website! Good luck
I agree.

You have a terrific concept, and I am looking forward to how it will turn out. The reason your site needs a logo so badly is that it has an identity crisis. You need to boldly state who you are and what you do. Then just try to de-clutter the site. There is so much information there and not enough organization. Try using header tags (like the <h1>, <h2>, etc.) to differentiate between sections and provide visual anchors to specific sections.
I think the background behind the lower frame is a little awkward and out of place. In fact (and I think others before have mentioned this) I think that you should lose the frames altogether. PHP includes or even Server Side Includes are a much better alternative to frames and it definitely makes a more user friendly (and search-engine friendly) website.
your banner is bad.. use flash to create banners....make it exact fit.. and it must match with background... dont use frames... make your first home page very cool.... and simple..
I know I might be over reaching here, but making a page that doesn't occupy the entire page but sits nicely in the center of the screen might be a good start as well. I find pages that are centered look nice.

Using a web page/html/php/css maker like dreamweaver might be a little helpful.
As said before, you need to get rid of the framed content. That frame decrease usability and decreases the ability of search engines to correctly see your site.
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