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Cheap high-end laptops?

I look forward to buying a desktop-replacement laptop, do you know where it is affordable to get one?
Well, I know where you can get cheap low-end laptops and expensive high-end ones, but one that is cheap and good is very very rare, so good luck.
I have found some cheap laptops for you.

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ltwomba wrote:
I look forward to buying a desktop-replacement laptop, do you know where it is affordable to get one?

There a few laptops that are affordable yet high-end.

There is the toshiba P105-S6004 it is around US$850 to US$1200 depending where you buy it from.

You can also look at

hope this helps
Macbook is the way to go. It's affordable. i priced it out agains a dell, and it was only 200 more. and let me tell you, the mac has many benfiits a pc has. Remember the macbook can run windows as well. So you cans till have your famaliar windows, and you can get used to mac os x, which is awesome itself. All im saying is don't rule it out, it has a lot of power, at an affordable price, and i know you'd like it. Just take a look at it at least.
Macbook is another great alternatives. But if you a such big PC games fan.. Macbook may disappiont you on that unless you install windows on it. Smile

Anyway, regarding other aspects, I would say that it can beat every windows laptop of the same price !!
Okay, I disagree with the previous statement in every way. But I will not argue against it in the interest of preventing a Mac Vs PC debate / war.

To the OP-- You cannot have a cheap, high-end laptop. In the computer world, cheap and high-end are complete opposites. You pay dearly for high-end, or accept the more reasonably priced midrange alternatives like most people.

But, for most people, laptops such as the Dell Inspiron series: work great, are reliable, and cost much less than Macs or systems from other manufacturers. Do you have any specific needs? I need to know what exactly you use your desktop for to tell you what you want in a laptop.
There really is no way to get a cheap high-end laptop; but it does depend on your definition of "cheap." For a desktop replacement, I'd probably recommend a Toshiba Satellite, or even a Qosmio. And, as much as I'm against Dell, I'll have to agree with the post above. The De;; Inspirons would be nice; and the prices are about the best you can get. They can be customized to fit your needs and price range. But it rea;;y does depend on what you want to do, and what your actual price range is. Plus, do you have any specifications?
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IF you know what you're doing you could try building one, you will save lots of money and it will be exactly what you need.
Other than that check the Dell ones? I could be wrong, but these are quality, and you don't need the extra warranty or support.
Gagnar The Unruly
My gf got a Dell E1405 for about $650-700. It was cheap, has a dual-core processor, 1 gb RAM, and is very lightweight. Not a gamers laptop, but it is functional and fairly well built. I honestly don't see the point in spending more than $700 on a laptop or buying a high-end gamers laptop, unless you just like expensive toys.

You could have a desktop-replacement laptop for $1500, or you could get a cheap, perfectly good 14" laptop for $700 and a custom desktop for $800 that was twice as powerful as the desktop-replacement laptop.
i normally hate apple but there new ibooks are fantastic. Just install windows and get rid of mac os. there very cheap for what they are and run very well. The only problem in my opinion is the screens are a tad hard to read
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