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The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race

The Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race is an 800 mile endurance ride completed over a 13 day period. It is open to all breeds. The ride will start in Santa Fe, New Mexico on September 3, 2007 and end in Missouri on September 15, 2007.

One of the main objectives of the race is to educate the public not only on the national historic Santa Fe Trail, but also to introduce the sport of endurance riding to thousands.

One Hundred teams will spend each evening in the race village where over 100,000 spectators are expected to visit throughout the entire course of the event. The riders will complete the specified distance for the day then stop and spend the night at the race village. Each rider's time will be recorded, and accumulated for end of the race. The rider with the shortest time overall will be declared the winner. In addition to an individual winner, team competition will exist.
Captain Fertile
After a (very) quick look at the rules it appears that each rider only has one horse, is this correct?

It seems a mighty long way for one horse to carry a rider especially under race conditions. Surely those horses get flogged to death by the workload. I suppose it depends on how much they race at one time. The rides appear about 50 miles at a time - could a horse do this easily day after day?

I love horses but don’t know nearly enough about them to pass judgement but a 800 miles long race seems rather brutal.

I am eagerly waiting for someone to inform me that either the riders use more than one horse for the ride or that a single horse can easily do this type of race/journey without getting distressed.
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