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Would it be possible to make a program/website like this? What do you think?
It would be possible to make a program
 50%  [ 1 ]
It would be possible to make a program and website
 50%  [ 1 ]
It would NOT be possible!
 0%  [ 0 ]
Im not sure...
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 2

I have think about something in a while...

If you use this three digits 1 2 3, and say that 1 digit is 1 color, and it is 3 digits, so it will be 3 pixels.

You now got 3 colors and 3 pixels.(1white-2black-3gray) With this pixels and colors you can make this pictures:

123, 122, 132, 133, 111, 121, 131, 112, 113,

222, 223, 221, 211, 212, 233, 232, 231, 213,

333, 321, 312, 322, 311, 323, 332, 331, 313,

This is 27 different windows, that show´s exactly how many different pictures you can make with 3 pixels + 3 colors.

In youre window it is also a limit like this, one time the pixels will end like this.

Is it possible to make a program, that will show how many different pictures you can make with a computer, with all the colors and pixels as an very very fast animation, just as I did with the digits?

This would show all the pictures in all over the world, and also every faces and every tree, every places, every houses, every movie etc... etc... etc...

Its very strange, but actually this WILL end some time, just as I showed you with the 3 digits and 3 colors, it will end...

If you had a website that would show this, like 1000 frames per second, it would be cool to see how long time it is to the end.

One time, you would also purhaps see youre self on that website. All images would be shown.
Arno v. Lumig
In theory it's possible, but in practise there are more then 3 colors and 3 pixels. Let's say you make images of 100*100 pixels, and with 256 colors. That would be 10000 pixels, so the possible amount of images is 256^10000 (I guess).
The only thing my calculater had to add to that was ERR....

But the same happens to all text you can possibly write. 26 possible characters and a space, a dot and a comma (never really cared about other interpunction eh?). Now just make it output them all at random and after a while all books that have ever been written will just be thrown out of your printer. Even this post... (will take a while to search for though...)

I know Smile It would be cool to make a program like this, but also very hard...
so, lemme get this straight; you want to enter in, for example:
800x600 with 32 bit color, and open up 480000^792281625100000000000000000000 different windows, each one with a random image in it? You need a supercomputer just to calculate how many windows will open! The computer I'm using (Pentium D 2.6 Ghz) locked up when it tried to calculate that.
I dont think I can make this program lol

And I dont got a supercomputer to make it either. (Pentium 4 2.3 Ghz)

It would be so cool to make it Razz Purhaps someone will do it later. Rolling Eyes


It doesnt have to be a program that suport all pixels and colors in youre window, first we cud try with 40 pixels and 10 colors.
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