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Does anybody still play non-computer games?

Am I a freak?

As much as I love computer/console games, I still like to play games in person with other actual physically there human beings. I love card games, backgammon, Scrabble, and Monopoly. I like chess, checkers, and dominoes.

This may be because I was raised by elderly parents, or because I live in an area in which the electric service is frequently disrupted and you have to find non-electronic ways to amuse yourself. Or both.

But...who else likes board games and cards and so forth? Anyone?
Well I still like to play chess, risk, monopoly, scrabble,... It's just that you aren't staring at the screen for all days...
Poker, Texas holdem is the only game i currently play non electronical. Very Happy
It's not often these days but when I am at home I sometimes play some games. But often nobody wants to play. Confused
I like risk, monopoly ( and another game like monpoly but with more things to do) , chess sometimes( but I am not good at it ) and some quiz games.
I don't like card games. It's so boring. Mad
I don't know why there has been a sudden jump in non-electronic "Doesn't anybody play..." topics but I have to say, I really like Monopoly but no one ever wants to play so I mostly play electronic games.
I still play a lot of poker and a once a year my family and relatives have a huge "plump"(cardgame) championship.
It can sure be loads of fun, and playing "live" is really a completely different thing than playing online.
For example when you play poker online you can only judge the other players by their tactics, you cant look at their facial expressions and so on.
I love chess, and I've been trying to learn go on and off for years. My main non-computer games tend to be roleplay or live roleplay. In particular Rolemaster.
I like to play Risk and Scrabble, but nobody seems to want to play against me anymore. Sad I still love a good Scrabble match between me and my mom... it's a lot of fun and we're a pretty even match, so things can get pretty close. Sometimes I'll play Clue or the Game of Life, too, but I have never much liked board games like Monopoly.
I play cards with my friends everyday. We play games that are from different cultures(some from my chinese classmates, some from my vietnamese classmates, some from my US classmates). But the best board game though is monopoly. Sadly ever since i came to US there's no one to play with. It's not fun to play monopoly with strangers. So I guess I enjoy "non-computer games" as long as I can find someone fun to play with. In fact, "non-computer games" are better than computer games sometimes because I usually get bored after playing a videogame for a while.
when i go to my local on fridays, we get drunk play any card game we can think of or any dice game. good old traditional fun
id say that any one that just plays computer games are the freaks

that mean im a soon to be a freak Razz

but i do play some poker from time to time. and eavry now and then me and some friends do play drunken TP
I love to play chess. Most weekends I get a bunch of people together and we wind up playing some kind or board game. Only thing I can't stand is card games like Pokemon and Magic. Maybe I'm just getting old.
I think that yes, people do play board games and the like; I enjoy playing such games. However, with todays generation, why would they want to wait for people to play with (who may not be there; if you're an only child like me, and your parents are at work, playing monopoly by yourself isn't too much fun)?

With computer games, you can either play against the computer, or anyone from across the world. In that respect, traditional board games can't compete; and sadly, I think we'll see a decline in board games unless the rate at which video games are saturating our culture is reduced.
I love to play board games!

Where I'm from (Alabama) we get alot of hurricanes.. so the power may be out for a week or more...

We play everything from monopoly to risk.

I also love card games.

Gin Rummy and spades are two of my favorites..

But i still have to say I love my Halo Embarassed
omg omg CANDY LAND FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*cough cough*

our freaken homecoming this year for highschool was candy land... how lame is that... but on another note

does anyone here watch x-play on g4 and if so, did you see them review the board game candy land, that was a great episode
Weird...I still play D&D; I even DM a weekly game (if you're in Sac, and you need a game Wink ...). Other than that, there's always the Uno, Quiddle, and gin with the family when we get together, and it's usually a load of fun, especially as we are all pretty competitive.

Otherwise, it's Animal Crossing, Naruto, and whatever game I'm currently working on...

Zpanzer wrote:
Poker, Texas holdem is the only game i currently play non electronical. :D

Yup, with friends I play that game on the weekends. Never for real money.
Or we have a go at Blackjack. I have a tablecloth that has prints for both those games. 8) (one side BJ, other side for Poker)

I don't have any chips, but luckily one of my friends has a big case with 500 chips in different colors. We have had hours of fun combining the two together.
Me & my buddy Neelix play a lot of card games like Crazy Eights & War.
We've been known to play War for 15 hours straight.

We're also big fans of the board game Aggravation (we've still got one of the originals from the 70's). We try to waste at least one night a week playing that. Wink
yeah.. i'm in my school's chess and poker club so I play chess and poker 24/7.
Gin Rummy
Would like to learn Bridge
Would like to learn Mah-Jongg (no, not the solitaire puzzle, but the REAL game).
To me, board games are mostly dead. I play novelty games and risk and that is about it. But, then again, I really don't even play real-life Risk. I mostly play it on my PlayStation. I predict, 3 generations from now, nobody will really be playing board games any more, unless their power goes out or something. Then again, there are handhelds. Okay, how bout this: People will only play board games when their power goes out and the batteries on their handhelds die! There we go!
I think board games and card games are good for more than just the time your power is out! Wink
I love to play a lot of computer games ( especially multiplayer ) but a real game with family and friends is a lot different and actually sitting together playing and talking is at least at much fun as sitting in front of a screen all day long.
Monopoly is amazing! I've played it for years and it's still interesting, though I don't agree with how they modernized it.

Poker is fun, along with chess. Anyone here play "go" that awesome Chinese game with the black and white pieces? I love that game, it's easy to learn but has more stragedy than chess.
Yap, I do,

lately I'm playying Futsal game Razz Doesn't count eh??? allright here is the other :

Japanesse chees [or something like that Razz]

and there is some other old javanesse game [yes java not japan]
- Nekeran [use a small glass ball nad thereis some variation]
- Delikan [something like Hide and seek]

etc XD
oh yes i do play non pc games...esp card games.

I like palying Table tennis. and ofcourse cricket...its like a religion in india.
chess, tabu, monopoly, other table-games...

do play station portable count? I love Burnout Very Happy
I play Magic The gathering with some friends, and poker sometimes too.
Like someone else said, it's nice not to stare all day long to your screen Very Happy
I love playing real chess with real people. You know I really liked the Murder Mysery Games that ecame really popular and you have a big party and people dress-up in character. I usually go to one of these somewhere once a year.
The classic board games are great and nothing can beat a good game of risk
I love playing Euchre (though I probably just spelled it wrong).
I was once a big computer gamer, but these days I hardly play any electronic games. I started working at a gaming store (by that I mean table top gaming, not a computer game store), and I was introduced to the world of table top and board games.

For those who doubt that board games have a future, you're wrong. While video games probably appeal to more people, there are still plenty of people that come in and buy/play a wide variety of table top games. Another interesting note is that most of the staff at the store (besides me) have modern computer games and gaming systems, but still play tabletop games on a regular basis.

With that said, I'm surprised that almost no one named non-traditional tabletop games (except for the one guy who mentioned DnD, and the one or two that mentioned Magic the Gathering). We play some miniature games at the store, notably Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, but we've experimented with Confrontation and Warmachine/Hordes as well. Some of the guys also role play (DnD or Exalted, mostly). From time to time we have big gaming nights and we break out some of the more in depth board games - Arkham Horror, Warhammer Quest, Descent, Axis and Allies.

Lately, though, we've stumbled on some good, quick board games to play. The two most popular ones among us are Carcasonne (and the various expansions) and Ticket to Ride (and its various expansions). These two games are incredibly fun, incredibly simple, and fairly quick to play (20-30 minutes). If you're looking for a board game, try one of those.

As for the problems with board games, I agree that it is harder for youngsters to get involved. But once you have a car, you've got plenty of opportunities to go to a friend's house and play a game. Or, look for your local friendly gaming store and play there. That's what they're there for.

- Walkere
yes, I play millionares game, card games, uno stack, snake and ladder and chess.. Twisted Evil
Come on, dude. Everyone do like that?
I like chess, too. So do not worry about that.
Kitten Kong
Monopoly 4 teh win!!
No. I sometimes prefer the intimacy of playing face to face *boardgaming...* Cool than playing on a console. I play many *MANY* boardgames.

Nostalgia is better than not. Or something.
I would say that I play almost only non-computer games as it is in my opinion much more fun.
You can play with your friends in front of you and it is much more fun than through a network.
Of course on a network you can play with a lot of people who are not your friends but it's not the same thing.
At a birthdayparty of one of my relatives I played Risk with the kids. I beat them all. Twisted Evil
Hey, I like to play Stratego...but my wife has learned to beat me at it. And to think I spent most of my life playing strategy computer games, and she beats me in two sessions.
Risk is always big fun once in a while, though the words do ring true, it is foolish to start a land war in Asia.

Aside from that, I've played the old 80's Civilization board game a few times (whopping 12-13 hour games. Not for the faint of heart!) as well as the board game Zombies!!!. The latter has been a lot of fun, as zombie apocalypses are one of those things that everyone seems to enjoy, but never want to actually live through.
I still play board games, course I live in a rural area, and don't have highspeed access. My nephews got battleship and aggrevation, which they have been playing. I still like monopoly, life, chess, even the old game payday.

I definetly spend more time playing on the computer though. Of course, computers are my profession, so go figure.

Yes, I play chess, card games, scrabble, and domino.

I really like to play non-computer games because my friends and I used to play non-computers games since we were young and its kinda traditional to us.
Analog Gaming Shocked
Lol, good point...I can't remember the last time I played Monopoly on the true board Sad

I am still a fan of chess though, probably not as good I was before I started into gaming on the computer. But eh,
What are some good Risk variants, other then the ones that are on ? I like the simultaneous turns rule, and I would like to remove the die from play as well. But is there any variant besides the 1 for 1 rule?
Yeah, I still play non-electronic based games. I play Texas Hold 'Em with my relatives. In fact, earlier today, I played a board game called Trouble/Frustration with my family.
yeah, i used to play monopoly a lot...and then risk...but mostly we are playing card games...
Card games, a little Chess and Game of the Generals (board game here).
Texas Hold' 'Em, Frustration (Trouble), Snakes & Ladders, Card Games, etc.
jay84h wrote:
Texas Hold' 'Em, Frustration (Trouble), Snakes & Ladders, Card Games, etc.

those are all great games, but don't forget the other classics... Sorry, kerPlunk, The game of Life, Connect 4 "pretty sneaky sis". And good ol BattleShip. These ones are just a few of the classica. I am sure that there are many that I am not even thinking of. Oh yea... Clue... now that one was awesome.
I think there is a place for board games. I feel one of the problems is we don't play enough where we actually have to think. Things like counting dice, reading directions, & not being told what to do are all lost arts.
Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
furtasacra wrote:
Am I a freak?

As much as I love computer/console games, I still like to play games in person with other actual physically there human beings. I love card games, backgammon, Scrabble, and Monopoly. I like chess, checkers, and dominoes.

This may be because I was raised by elderly parents, or because I live in an area in which the electric service is frequently disrupted and you have to find non-electronic ways to amuse yourself. Or both.

But...who else likes board games and cards and so forth? Anyone?

well m8 i share ur openion i like so much card games and Risk i love it monopoly too even chess
but here i find no one to play with so i finish watching a movie or playing an online game
Online games tennd to be much better though espacially ut2004 its reallly awsome
I still play board games on occasion. Definitely not as much as I used to in the days before we had a computer, but I still play games like Scrabble. Scrabble friggin' owns! Smile

I love non-computer games. There's just this aura surrounding board games and parlor games that just isnt there when you play computer games. And to be honest, they're much less of a hassle. You never have to worry about all your friends having the right version or sufficient specs to play or any of that jazz. And some of the interactive DVD games are really incredible. For anyone who hasnt heard of or played 'Atmosfear', it is a must see boardgame/interactive DVD game. Very cool! Some other games I like include Chess (although I'm not very good, hehe), Sorry, Battleship, Risk, some DnD sometimes, clue and Dungeon Twister. But there a whole lot more games that I also enjoy that are not listed here. A great site as a reference for board games is You can find any board game that ever existed and pretty much any non-computer game. Well, you folks take care and keep it real...
Sometimes me and my friends get together for a good game of Risk- I always lose though, I'm not very good at it. I only started getting in on the games a few weeks ago Razz
I still play cards especially with my friends. I find it more fun than playing PC games.
Hey guys,

For all of you out there who still enjoy board games, I suggest you also take a look at Origins is a non-electronic gaming convention that has all sorts of stuff there. Wizards will be there, Hasbro, you name it. You can meet lots of cool people that you wouldnt meet anywhere else. Unfortunately it's a bit of a haul for most people as the convention takes place in Columbus, Ohio. Anyone who is looking for an alternative to the cliche vacation and has some kids that like games, look into the4 Origins Games Convention. It lasts usually a few days. I believe it's the 1st week of July this year. Well, you guys all take it easy and keep it real...
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