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A question about hooking up domain names

OK, I've had this questions going through my head ever since I've set up new domain name. I've put it up as an example situation to make it clearer.

Suppose there are two people, called Simon and John. Simon is telling everyone that he is going to register a domain name. He even tells everyone what it is. John, who is a bit , decides to register that domain name in his DirectAdmin control panel. Simon hasn't done that yet.

So what I'm wondering is, is it a question of the first person to add the domain name to their control panel? What happens if two people put the same domain in their control panel.

I'm sure other people are wondering about this two. Thanks in advance.
two people cannot put the same domain name in the control panel.The first will be accepted and second one will nt be accepted.A error message will come for second person.
So if John puts the domain name in his panel, he will be able to use it even though it isn't his. Is that right? Shocked
jylan wrote:
So if John puts the domain name in his panel, he will be able to use it even though it isn't his. Is that right? Shocked

Well, the fact is that you are right.

If simon points his domain towards the nameservers of say server 1 of frihost (where john has his account too) then john can take control of the domain once the domain name resolves.

But there are several hindrances to this, fortunately:

1. Simon will come to know that someone else is using that name, so he can stop the domain from pointing towards these particular nameservers.

2. He can complain to the admin, who, after verifying simon's ownership can delete the domain name from John's account or warn him or ban him or act accordingly.

So it is pretty impossible to take control of a domain in a reliable hosting service(where you share a server)

If it is a dedicated hosting, then there would be absolutely no problems for you.

So it is quite difficult for John to continue with his adventures as simon holds all the cards to the domain.
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