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Mighty Mouse with Mighty Problem HELP

so i've recently gotten myself an iMac (24") Intel duo core, and at first (before the cold front moved in, i live in colorado) the mighty mouse worked fine, but later (after the cold front came) the mouse started to act up.

i have a wired mighty mouse and i'm running 10.4.8. now the problem is that they mouse's side-sensors or "side clicks" are way too sensitive, the silightest touch will make it go off about 15-20 times, sometimes i'll be typing something and the side-sensors will randomly go off. the second thing is that the right-sensor or "right click" does not respond. yes, my secondary button is activated for the right mouse button.

since my side-sensors are too sensitive, in the prefs i've had to turn it off, although i can still hear the darn thing clicking a thousand times a minute. now i'm very fond of the side-sensors, right-sensor and the 360 track scroll, so i do not want to buy a new mouse.

i've swapped out the mouse at the apple store three times now, and all three times the mouse was working fine at the apple store, but not when i took it home. now the odd thing is that if i'm touching the metal base of my iMac it makes the mouse work flawlessly. by this i mean, one hand on the metal base and the other hand operating the mouse.

people have told me to un-plug all usb devices but the mouse and see if it iwas an interfeirence with an externally powered usb device, and as it turns out it is not.

people have told me to check the ground wiring in my house, so i went out to get a tester and checked the outlets in my house and they are all properly grounded.

people also have told me that it is the humidity that is effecting the mouse, but i live in colorado where humidity is rather little.

i still find that the odd thing is that if i touch the base of my iMac it solves the problem, but i have to have continuous contact with the base with my other hand in order for it to work, and i need that hand to operate the hotkeys on the keyboard.

applecare has no idea bout the problem and their solution is just to get a new mouse (which i've done three times now). when i take the mouse to work, it performs flawlessly, but at home it acts up.

i've also taken my entire setup to an applestore for them to look at, but (as you can guess) at the apple store the mouse worked perfectly fine.

anyone have any ideas? i'm on my 3rd week struggling with this freakin problem and no1 has been able to solve the problem.

mathiaus wrote:

Please do not quadruple post. Use the button instead!

If the symptom occurs with 3 different mice,
the problem is not in the mouse.

Intermittent problems are difficult to find.

The likely problem is a short/ground in the mouse plug-in receptical.

Find a program that will let you view the real time values
of the various voltages of the psu.
Then enable the buttons and make it start clicking
while watching the voltages.
See if you can identify which voltage rail may have the short/ground.

Also, try measuring how much voltage is on your chassis with a multimeter.

Unplug the AC cord and verify that you have infinite resistance between the AC power cords spades and the iMac case. If you are having some stray electrical leakage onto your chassis that is not good at all. It can damage other components, and when it gets worse it can be dangerous.

That should be enough info to get them to fix/replace the iMac.
there is nothing wrong with my imac, nor is there anything wrong with my mouse. its clearly a static problem, because if i move my rigg to the other side of the room with no carpet, the problem fixes itself.

but i do not want it to be on the other side of the room because of the way i have it setup to link to my 42" plasma.

i just dont kno what to do now, moving it to my countertop (made of granite) will fix it completely, and touchin the metal base of it will also fix it.....

i've tried to wipe down everything (exept the actual screen) with fabric softener sheets to see if i can discharge the static amount of my work area. this included the desk, mousepad, mouse, chair, ect. i even put some of the sheets undernieth all four legs of my desk. i'm running out of ideas...

thanks jwellsy for the post.

anyone else got any other ideas???
If the problem is massive static,
put a grounding strap on the case.

Just run a wire from one of the case cover screws
to a ground somewhere else.
that should prevent any static buildup.
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