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What is the perfect site?

Well the question is simple, what in your opinion is the best site on earth-which can offer a user the freedom to do anything they want (or almost).? since it's imposible to tell realy, ( i love asking questions that cant be answered) so lets discuss the characteristics. What a site must have?
What would be usefull for you?
what do u personaly find interesting?
Basicly, what do u want from a "perfect" site? Confused
Yahoo does it. They have yahoo groups, yahoo messenger, news, etc. etc. Simply the best!
anything that is specific enough to be tailored to one subject that I am interested in. I don't like complete compilation sites because it's spread too thin.
A topic.

Actually, that's about it, since one of the charms with the net is that it's grown so large
that there is room for everything. As long as you can find someone willing to put it out
there, it has a right to be there. Wink
Then again, if you get visitors or not is another question, and I think that depends
on a number of factors. Commercial, content, layout, activity on the net, etc. I, for one,
belive in content, but still, I'm spoiled enough by the 'info-sciety' to demand a decent lay-out. Laughing
Google has everything.
I think a perfect site can offer his visitors everything they want:
A good and nice community,
Good content,
a helpful crew,
Usefull links,
A nice and professional layout/system.
A quick page load.

When a has all those point it is a prety good site, not perfect, tho no site is perfect, You can always improve things....
yeah google and yahoo is rule the internet.
they have many service features free to use for all people around the world and we can do a lot of stuff on there Smile

It is simple. There are no ads, no 'extras', nothing that overwhelms you. It's simplicity also allows for speed - it's the perfect homepage, because it loads in seconds no matter the connection.

Yet for its simplicity, from that one page it gives you access to hundreds of other things to do, from the mundane to the exciting, practical to superlative.

I love it Smile
I dunno about no ads, but google has it all.
If I had to choose one site to use for the rest of my life, google would be it.

Just model yourself on google's ease of use, simplicity and ingenuity. You will have a hit site within 6 months.
It's an impossible question for another reason - you can't do everything you want on a website.

Aside from that, Google has a larger (and far higher quality than 'certain other' pathetic search-engine websites) range of services than most, but you can't have a site that provides 'freedom' due to the constraints of a website. You COULD say a website was 'perfect' in what it aimed to do - some would say Google was the perfect website for searching the internet, for example, but if you don't want to search the internet, it's not perfect for your wants at that particular moment. Not to mention that some things that would be perfect for one thing would be contradicting with another things for another thing (lol, did you get that?) and perfection as a whole is subjective (a text-only site might be perfect for dial-up users or those who wanted maximum information, but others might consider many images and diagrams perfect).

So, the summarise, the question as a whole is indeed impossible to answer. Laughing
Alias and are the most popular one's. they have everything and their web services are great. Search engine websites are really amazing.
perfect........I dont think any website is completly perfect.However u may say some sites are perfect with respect to any specifiac fields.Like yahoo is perfect is free email ID,searcg engine,online games,news n others.
U may find any small site which may be perfect in any specific field.Like a site for only wallpapers,mp3s download n others.
i think google is good example for that. it has almost everything an internet user needs - from the wide range of information through its fast and large-scale search engine, to its change chat utility through G-Talk, its e-mail utility through Gmail and other stuffs. I personally believe that this site is still getting better and better.
For a site run by an individual I like frequently updated content, a good design, and a friendly/open atmosphere... sort of like (although, abs is a pretty big site)
DynamicNames and are both really popular on the internet, good sites, and gives you alot of things you can do. (You can get an e-mail on the two, search engine, Google indexes ALOT of websites for you to search from, Yahoo has many games, and more.) A good website I found when I started on the internet was

It has a specific topic which is gaming, but it also gives you some other topics that are good also, like:music, sports, wrestling, and such.
Hmm .. in that case i would like to select .. they have a very-good in everything . .games, mail, chat, shopping ..
google is the perfect site. its a powerful engine that provides an easy aproach since they didn't overdoit withs cripts and animations so as long as its simple and right to the point it gets my vote Wink
Yeah. Google.
If anyone says myspace they can die.

we need more sites like yahoo and google.
is there any? Rolling Eyes
Myspace! </braindead>

No, something like Google with all that it offers (although trade its translator for Babel fish).

It would have a community aspect to it. Ideally it would be centred around a topic such as art, music, film, comics, whatever.

Maybe it would have its communities divided into these categories and more then allow people to pick and chose which communities they're a part of. Maybe even keeping the same user page for all of them.

In other words, it would have all of its features integrated seamlessly into one another.
interesting..... Smile okay well i decided just to have a site that just publishes my own works, like Graphics, flashes, hopefully music Very Happy Like myspace, but is actualy mine Very Happy hehe imagine the posibilities.......another question I'd ask is where can i learn PHP? cause i wana enchance my site. oh and javascript? like u know image galery and stuff? and what about all them media players on-site? Surprised And how the heck allow users to upload their own stuff? oh and how do i make blogs anyone??? sorry, i'm not very good with knowing stuff know technical side of website making Embarassed Crying or Very sad so can you please help me?

oh there's a site called Bebo.
it's like myspace, but i think it's a bit more ....ehm...flashy?
I want to name one specific blog, but i can't. There's just too many. Myspace !
I cant name like just one single site that has everything I need, or that is perfect. Usually I zapp around on maybe 20-30 sites each day, but if I would name the one that is most important I would probably go with google, since it halps me fins whatever site I need at the moment.
I think every one here is looking for the one stop shop Laughing like wallmart, Every one needs a one stop web site where thay can go and get all thay need .. to tell you the trugh when i go to a web site looking for some thing that i want, than i like to go to a site that only caters for those things i need or want, other wise you have to look all over other stuff just to find what you are looking for.. nothing worse than having to serch through loads of shit to find what you want Laughing ...
for 1000 times i would say google is the best of all king of all which has every thing stuffed in it.
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