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Contest for serious FRIH$

This is a contest that will require a little bit of thinking and a little bit of research, but the reward is FRIH$ if you can complete the task. The amount of FRIH$ you get will depend on what info you can find.

I was thinking the other day about how much information people can find about other people just based on simple web searches and a little bit of critical thinking these days. So I decided to create a contest.

I am curious to see how much information people can find out about me starting off with only the knowledge of the fact that I am a registered on under the name of TheGeek and I have a few websites registered under my name or that i Admin. You can use any means you see fit to search for info about me, the only rule is that once you find info, you do not post it on here. Send me a PM with the info you have found.

Key info that I am looking for.

Real Name - 50 FRIH$
Other Aliases I use around the web - 25 FRIH$ / alias
Any Links you can find that can be linked to me - 10 FRIH$ / link 5 found, any new ones still count
Any Screen Names you might happen to stumble across - 10 FRIH$ / SN I'm refering to AIM, MSN, ect.
What Highschool I went to - 50 FRIH$
What College I currently attend - 50 FRIH$
Any websites that you find that are registered under my name or that I admin. 25 FRIH$ / domain
Any other info you see that you think might be relevant to the contest. 2-10 FRIH$ depending on info.

All of the info I have listed above is available on the web somewhere. However, it is up to you to figure out where it is and what it is.

Again, all you know at this point is that I am a registered user on with the username TheGeek and that I own some websites.

So happy hunting, I look forward to see the results and remember, do not post any found info on this topic, only things that should be posted are questions that I may answer to give hints and a message stating that you have left me a message with an entry.

Contest absolutely ends Dec 31 2006 @ 11:59 (EST)


Forgot to mention, once an item has been found, that item is no longer available to be found, I will make all no longer available items white. Also, I forgot to mention this but, no admins that have server and log access are allowed to enter (thank you to animal for pointing this out to me, it never occurred to me)
Oh darn! I'm gonna blind! I posted founded info in this post and I'm beating myself right now!
I PMed it to you.
Star Wars Fanatic
He said not to post the info, now just about everyone has someplace to start.
Arseniy got:

domain - 25 FRIH$ to him

Animal got: (though he said he is not in the contest so these are still open)

Real Name
Address (and alternate address)
Email Address (and alternate email)
Phone Number
and he got a nifty little fact about me that I actually was not expecting to hear someone say they found...

Congrats to Arseniy on winning 25 FRIH$

All other topics are still up for grabs (only 1 domain name was found, others are still open to finding)
Congratulations to Star Wars Fanatic, he found an email address for me.

Also, I think it is time for a clue. (below)

My domain is not, look at my avatar
HeHeHeHe. A Whois lookup is a wonderful thing!
PM'd you.
Congratulations William, Star Wars Fanatic, Mathiaus and Ocalhoun for your finds.

Ocalhoun gets 60 points for his findings:
2 addresses - 25 FRIH$ / each
email address - 10 FRIH$

Mathiaus gets 175 points for his findings
7 links related to info about me - 25 FRIH$ / link

Star Wars Fanatic gets 10 points for his findings
Phone Number - 10 FRIH$

William gets 100 points for his findings.
2 domain names - 25 FRIH$ / site
High School - 50 FRIH$
Thanks for the Frih$. Oh yeah, don't forget, I also found your birthday. Wink

Still trying to find your college. Very Happy
O yes, birthdate.... +10!
Congratulations to Peaceninja on finding the following items:

College - 50 FRIH$
2 Links - 10 FRIH$ each
1 non categorized info - 10 FRIH$

He is getting very close to finding my last name and REAL first name so there may be another 10 or possibly 20 points in it if he can find it (hint hint for anyone who wants to try to beat him to it)
Good job William once again on finding the following:

Eye color - 10
Hair color - 10
Height - 10
Real first AND last name - 50
and he figured out that I am right handed Shocked - 10

Thats a total of another 90 of my FRIH$ gone to william.

If he keeps this up I may need to involve the cops here, he is really good at this... Laughing


+15 more points because he just informed me he found my myspace page...
i am mailing u .

PMing u.
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