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Jurassic Park IV

Is anyone looking forward to Jurassic Park IV (due in 2008)?

I thought the first one was hand-in-my-pants fantastic. The second one was alright. The third one was suprisingly good; better than the second. I don't know what they will do for the fourth one. How many more unmentioned islands and dinosaurs can there be?

It's supposed to start filming after they finish filming Indiana Jones 4.
Nite Vizhun
Hmm, I'm dubious of the potential quality of a fourth movie. None of the 3 existing movies followed either of the books very closely. The first movie followed the first book to a degree, and was the best, IMO.

The second used almost nothing from either book and was the absolute worst. TV execs must agree, because you see the first and third in repeats all over the cable dial, but you never see the second one.

The third movie used a little material from the second book, and was helped by a decent cast and an interesting story line (a story line that doesn't appear in either book, by the way).

I'm sure the ever improving CGI technology would make a new movie look incredible, but they will have to come up with an excellent story and assemble a great cast in order for it to work.

And according to the books, there were only the two islands where dinosaur genetics was actively pursued. However, there were dinosaurs that hitched rides on supply ships back to the mainland (Central America). Maybe the story will center around that.
I didn't like the second book that much mainly because I knew it was written JUST to make a movie out of it.

Even though it has the potential to be crappy, I 'll stil lgo see it in the theatres. It would be great it they'd get the three original characters back (Dr Grant, Dr. Malcolm and that skinny broad). Jeff Goldblum is fantastic.

Hopefully they do a great job with this movie. I've read that the media who saw advanced screenings of Rocky VI said it was the best of the series, so there is hope that this movie can be great as well. The CGI will be awesome of course. How it can be better than the others is beyond me. The first one looked to be as good as it could get!
Captain Fertile
They really seem to be looking up the old franchises to drum up some extra cash from the cinema going public.

I think cinemagoers really are the victims of a rip-ff when they go to the cinema.

Over-priced tickets and extortionate low quality food, poor quality merchandise at inflated prices and, certainly if the cinemas I have been to, staff who could not care less about customers.

With the proliferation of cable TV and of course pirating of top titles cinemas need to get their acts together and the studios really need to get their heads together for some fresh ideas to get the public into the seats.

If this doesn’t happen then every film will soon be a direct to video (or PC) production. Home cinemas are all the rage and it’s not just the price of the hardware that is driving people away from the cinema – after all many home-cinema enthusiasts are watching older ‘classic’ movies they have in their collections, it’s not hard to work out why.

As for Jurassic Park IV will do what I did for parts II and III – wait for it to come to the TV. The first movie was a benchmark in cinema history but after that it was less of a T-Rex and more of a Cash-Cow.

Memo to Hollywood - We need some fresh Ideas.
I love the Jurassic Park movies. I'm looking forward to Jurassic Park 4. I only hope that the film remains still nice after 3 movies.
The only benefit for me to go to a movie theatre is the huge screnn and million speakwer surround sound. I have a 24" TV and 5.1 surround home theatre at home. So I can take advantage of the sound at home. But I barely go to the movies. $10 to see a movie is a bit much...but again the screen is huge and the sound is great. Part of the reason they charge as much as they do is because they studios take most of the money from each ticket. So your money for the ticket goes to the studio, and the $12 you pay for a smal popcorn and mini drink goes to the theatre.

I usually go to the theatre in the mall near my hyouse that shows movies as they are leaving the multiplexes or coming onto DVD. It's only $4 for a movie. The screen is a lot small and the sound isnt great, but it's cheap.

When there is a movie I REALLY REALLY want to see right away, I'll fork over $10 to see it big. Jurassic Park IV will be one of them. It will mostly be for the sound Smile
JP and JP: Lost World were fun. I didn't like the third movie at all. :(
Part one was really the best, simply because it was new.

Part 4...
I hope they don't want to earn easy money and that they actually make something worth watching. (imo alot of sequels are just sucky, because they want to cash in fast while the name is still popular)
I've only seen the first one (which was new...and it was a great combination of special effects that added to a good story). Haven't seen 2 or 3, so I can't comment. Somehow, when hear I about yet another sequel, I look at it as another attempt to milk another movie franchise.
I like the movies but I just wish they'd leave things alone. It's had it's day. MOVE ON and think of some original ideas for once. It's almost as bad as the music charts.
Honestly I can't wait for a forth movie however I am really disappointed with all of the delays. As a result of the delays I have high expectations for JP 4, and it has to be as good as JP 1 otherwise it will be a flop in my books. Without a doubt the first one was the best. However, I still love the second one because it took the franchise in a new direction and it was a great action fest. But please don't let me get started on what I thought about 3!! 3 seemed to be a different and unrelated film, full stop! I am sure that a film student could have done better!! That's why I was so excited and psyched when Steven Spielberg said that there was going to be a forth one and that it goes back to the franchises roots. Strong actors with an even stronger and well though out plot. I just hope that this vision will still be achieved after all of these delays. fingers crossed! Razz
really..? it is news to me.. franklly i just liked Jurassic park 1 and 2. the 3 didin't look too good 4 me..

wonder what they are coming up with 4 the fourth. Darn i would go anyway to watch all the cool special effeects..
I am sure I will watch it, just the millions of others. And it will be good. perhaps on teh big flying bird thingys.

Pretty sure it will be worth watching
Had watched Jurassic park 1, 2 and 3. Not going to miss this.
Not going to miss it either - infact JP3 was my favourite of the 3.

I hear however that number 4 will be "just as crap as number 3"

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