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Is more then one firewall bad?

So I was wondering, is more then one good thing bad. I have CA firewall, and I also heard that Comodo firewall was really good. Can they both be installed, and would there be a problem if both are installed? Thanks for the help.
I think it's not a good idea because of this: imagine an issue which is blocked by one firewall and that is allowed by the other. It's like two chiefs in total disagreement. Better choose the best chief and let the software rule.
To work as a team the two softwares should communicate between each other and adjust their setting as a team and also should be syncronized. This doesn't happen.

In order to avoid competition there is this idea of putting the firewalls in different layers. This is the case of an hardware firewall followed by a software firewall. Or to have 2 PCs and only 1 is directly connected to the internet. So you got two machines, each one with one different firewall software. Now there are 2 layers of software. With this you can have 3 layers of firewalls (hardware firewall, software firewall from PC1 (internet provider) and last but not least, software firewall from PC2 (user PC).
It's never bad. Might be a little unnecessary, though.
I agree with romaop.
You mentioned using 2 software firewalls on the same machine. This is not useful and not advised. Firewall software installs itself as 'handlers' before the other application can read from TCP/IP stack, and layering 2 or more different firewall software can cause serious compatibility problems.
I tried installing Kerio Personal Firewall with Windows Firewall enabled, and it didn't go well.
The most probable result (when you are not a firewall expert) is lack of network connectivity - you wont be able to receive and/or send packets.

Best regards

useless to use two firewall.It will eat more system resources..n will do the same work.And also will make contradiction b/w the two firewall.This may cause in wrong functioning of ur system.
Other than using more memory, it may sometimes cause crashes if two firewalls are working together.
They can actually cancel eachother out as well. Not a good idea at all. Still, you can't expect all firewalls to work as well as others. Many vulnerabilities in a lot of low end stuff. Make sure you do the research.
I agree that it might be unecessary. But I don't see how it could be bad. Firewalls can be very tricky to configure and get setup and working how you want it. Adding a second layer will only make it more tricky, but it you're paranoid about things getting through your network. I don't see how it can hurt.
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