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What are your high school classes like

Anything will be appreciated. eg
Do teachers do most of the talking?
Do the students always have a hot discussion?
Do you, for example, sit randomly about with no fixed positions or vise versa?
Above all, do you like lessons given in such a way?
I am doing a survey to supply data for one of my papers, so any comments will be welcome.
my classroom is
fixed place...
teacher's teaching is sucks
i fall asleep during some extreamly boring classes like history
teachers are not enough knowledge to teach us
my math teacher always hate me because i spoted her mistake almost all the class,she made simple mistakes in every lesson...
she hate me so i stop blow her cover off in front of everyone...
i sleep in her class
she wake me to test me but all i can do she is speechless...

she is hypnotising(dono spelling :p) me every math lesson...

students are always listen to what she says...just some smart one like me stay silents and chat behide the class...

i guess is enough ??
well my first class (global stuidies) is bouring and tiring so i don't pay much attention in that class. My second is Science which is bouring as could be and i just copy all the notes and am done with it. Then after that theres spanish II which is like the class before luch so its like the longest class besides last period. After that is lunch then English. In this class it is lively. The teacher has good teahing habits and it is very interesting. Then is gym or study hall. For study hall its fun you can get a lot done yet you can also use your time to socialize with your friends. For gym the teachers are kinda bouring. We mainly have to run the whole time. Then is Drafting/CAD which the teacher is awesome. He is the only teacher in the department and hes really good with it. He is teaching three different classes in one period. He also is one of those teachers that is like big in the community and is a hunter and a lot of the people taking his class can relate to him.

Then comes the dredful last period. The teachers name is Mr. Hellrung. And his name speaks for what his class is like. Hell. He has horrible teaching habbits. There are a lot of people that don't understand him and he doesn't explain stuff unless you stay after school. He gives out some of the stupiest assignments. No one in our class has an A. Most have D's or C's.
I am in Hong Kong.
The High School in Hong Kong are mainly designed for the Open it easy to project that...Usually, student are very concentrate on listening and eager to learn and pay attention in the class. Less bothering in the discilpine problem.
on the other hand, if someone who didn't care for the UNiversity seat or they realized they have no chance at all, they would give up and leave the class for those who willing to learn.......
- You can chose where to seat. I usually get the few front ones.

- Teaching is pretty good - except ENGLISH!!! Evil or Very Mad

I can write a whole essay on the negative impact of my ENGLISH classes. Heck, it is thaaaaat bad. All the teacher's fault. Let's call her Mrs. B for our purposes. She is definitely evil. Plain evil. EVIL...I tell you!!! Well, that's enough about her. Wink (I might even make a topic on it)

- Never sleep in classes...maybe ENGLISH. Heck, History is one of my most loved subjects. So exciting. The teacher also looks good. Laughing
Haha, i like crazy. We always picked on each other for fun, but no one were offended.
I have the weirdest teachers. I have one lsitening to Sweedish Death Metal before class starts, and another saying "Walt Disneys The Anti-Christ!"
it was a good school that take students with a sifficult exam.I really miss the teachers (at least most of them).
we had good labs(chemistry, physics, computer, biology,language)
very nice and rich library,
experienced teachers(like studens they also get an exam to be teacher in this school.)
large area,basketbol places.
nice discipline(not very strict , not too soft)
I attended a public school so class quality really varied based on whether it was an "Advanced" course or not. However, on the whole, people make too much of High School pretending it was far more traumatic than it really was/is.
My first class is computer science Java.....I don't learn anything from that because the teacher has honestly admitted that he doesn't know what he is doing. Nice..
I am in band too (fun stuff). Everything that goes wrong is blamed on my section (percussion).
The rest of my classes are better as far as teachers go. Trig and Electronics.
Fun stuff, lol.
I go to a small public school (around 120 kids in the whole high school). I like most of my teachers. My History teacher is excellent, he really knows what he is talking about. He's a cool and fun guy. My Geometry/Physics teacher is also a fun guy (he's friends with my History teacher). Both of them are very good teachers and explain things in a way that can be understood (if you pay attention). We do some hard stuff in those three classes, but the teachers make the class fun overall. (although most of my classmates would disagree)

My band teacher is also very good. The best we've had (and we've had several already Rolling Eyes ). She is a pretty laid back and fun teacher. We have a lot of fun in band, and we actually play pretty well too.
My old English teacher didn't really do anything, which we all liked of course Laughing. We would just read a novel, do a worksheet or two, take a pretty easy test, then start the process over again. However, he recently resigned (supposedly from how bad we all were), so now we have a "permanent substitute". We don't like her much.
mine is a public school too. some teachers are great and inspiring while some are as boring as hell Twisted Evil
there is also a dormitory and we can peek to the girls dormitory since it is just besides ours (i think they do most of the peeking haha)...
our curriculum were based from a new year city high school that's why it's advance given that we're from other country.
I am a senior so I finally get to take classes that are a joke.

First I have Calculus, though to most people its an advanced placement class, to me it's very easy and most of our classes we just take notes, do example problems and sometimes do group work.

Next I have American Citizenship. It's a very boring class where I sit and listen to a teacher talk about the structure of government which I already know plenty about, but this class is required by law to graduate in my state.

Third is an elective, keeping your car alive, we bring peoples cars in, put them on the lift and do simple things like brake pad changes, oil changes and diagnostic tests.

Fourth I have Physics which is really fun because we do a lab almost every day and in our labs we get to play with fun toys.

Fifth is Concert Band...its band, people should know how it is

Lastly I have Dramatic Arts, which is my English class. We practice a play that we are going to be performing during that class.

So my classes are pretty much easy and fun
I am a senior Very Happy

Fist hour, I have advanced art... (no teacher so i usually don't go)
second, walking class **the state requires us to walk and exercise**
third... ecology... hate it... the teacher is really a b***h to certain people, and is nice to others... example
today she graded folders, so when she called my friends name his folder was unorganized, he had notes missing... etc.
I had everything, except it wasn't in order, I seen her search through everyones... she told me "im not looking through this thing"
i said "you looked through everyone elses, mine even has dividers!"
she said well, you'll get a zero then...
she does things like this all the time...
fourth... government... nothing really just a boring class that i don't need...
fifth AGRI... very easy just do shop type things...
sixth psychology... pretty tough class, but the teacher is really nice and when you are in there you learn stuff, you don't just memorize it for a test.
seventh, some make up work type thing... I'm done already so I sit and pretend to do work so I don't get a speech.
eighth English/Literature (very hard) we do so much work in the class i think the teacher wants us to leave with carpotunnel syndrome...

after 5th hour lunch...
the food sucks, you can't really sit where you want... but yeah =p
that is pretty much it... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
We don't have a fixed seat, so we can seat anywhere on the classroom except on teachers seat. Laughing

I hate my teachers as they were like a cheap teachers. They didn't know what they are teaching. They don't know the field they are teaching.
my high school classes sucked! we had fixed places, teachers did the monotonous work, and not much interaction in class. Only a few teachers actually went against the system to make things interesting for the students
Mine are over thank God!

We usually all sat in the same place every lesson but sometimes moved around. Teachers were fairly lax when it came to talking when we were meant to be working because we were all doing well. I used to read the newspaper a lot.
my high schlool wasd st xavierer . it was great fun to be in college . i miss the people all around of my college . muy principal wa svery kind and honest .
i had
a lot of fun in my college
poetr ywas taught in college.
poetry was very interesting to me
poetry should be the best way tro express one s feeling n a piece of paper with rhyme and the message to the people.
there r many advantage of the poetry so we should try to give good message through our poetry
my high school looks quite good since all our classmate were quite studying very very hard and serious in the public exam on the admission of university ..

besides, the time everybody works together and encourage with other is very great and memorable...
theres allways a lot off noise in the classrooms, and of corse a lot of the teacher bringing the hammer down on the naughty kids aswell.
Some of the teachers are pretty nice though, others are a tough as hell.
I'm from South Korea.
It is very important for everyone to enter a University.. especially famous one.
So, in my country, most high school students have to study very hard. Usually they study from 8 am to 1 a.m (they have to go to a school, and take some special courses which are in private school)

they study only to enter good university, they are like horses at a race. There are no meaning for horses at a race whatever gorund is good or not.
judelover wrote:
Anything will be appreciated. eg
Do teachers do most of the talking?
Do the students always have a hot discussion?
Do you, for example, sit randomly about with no fixed positions or vise versa?
Above all, do you like lessons given in such a way?
I am doing a survey to supply data for one of my papers, so any comments will be welcome.

Yes teacher do most of the talking, and the students seldom/rarely have hot discussion. In high school, we chose where to sit when we get in the class first time, and normally we will stick to that place through out the year. Two year for me anyway, we sit in the same class with the same students.

I like to be with my classmates, that the only reason I go to school. For the lessons, I don;t like them, especially the misleading and boring history of my country~
I went to High School in Southern Ontario, Canada, and it was a great place to go to school. Of course, there was variation in teaching styles, but the good ones taught very well.

They were often the most charismatic of the teachers, and often involved us in class discussions. I also preferred teachers who did not use overheads, or otherwise did not make us copy them down. I found that taking extensive notes killed the class and it was not a very useful learning tool.

Movies are always nice, especially if they make a point. and also I felt that when they had a clearly defined plan, which was outlined on the board, it was an easier class to get through because you could see where they were going right at the beginning.

So if you're looking to teach a class, those would be my suggestions... =D
I finished High School years ago, but from what I remember it was ghetto. Fights nearly everyday, false fire alarms all the time, bomb threats, extremely low test scores, students disrespecting teachers... it sucked.
Do teachers do most of the talking?
In my classes at highschool, our classes would start with everyone talking etc, then teh teacher would sit and go over teh topics of the day, spending maybe 15 to 20 minutes doing this, then we were left to do teh work for the next 290. we would talk among ourselves whilst oing work etc.

Do the students always have a hot discussion?
we were hardly ever encouraged to discuss, except in teh pse classes, which were like classes for personal development. but even then we were made discuss illy things like stealing someone bike lmao

Do you, for example, sit randomly about with no fixed positions or vise versa?
we dont really have positions in teh classroom, everyone is as good or as bad as each other lol

Above all, do you like lessons given in such a way?
i suppose it worked well cos it go me too uni, but at teh same time, teh classes can get a bit too rowdy at times, especially during the spring and summer months when everyones spirits are high.
In my high school, I remember that the students did most of the talking; after a short lecture, the class would bustle into a sea of side conversations, and the teacher would be sitting by his or her desk, tending to papers or other work that was supposed to be graded.

The only hot topics I remember from my classes were ones involving controversial, or "yes/no and why" topics, since there would always be a student or two that would bicker until the bell rang. Most of the dicussions in class were a bit one-sided, with the teacher encouraging discussion and finding only a few students picking up the bait.

A number of my classes had assigned seats, but for the most part we were allowed to choose where we wanted to sit. I guess my liking of a teacher's style depended on how they executed it; I remember I loathed my English teacher with a passion because she had a condescending air around her.
At least for the more higher-level classes, the teachers were really engaging and they taught really well.

I'd say the overall attitude of the teachers in my school is that they care a good deal about what you're learning....though some more than others...
Well, my first class in the morning is a foods class, and we're always really tired so we never talk much, but the teacher's really young (she's 28?) and cheery/talkative so we don't get bored..

Next I have science, which is horrible b/c our teacher treats us like we're in pre-k or something. The 'activities' she chooses to do are really inane and boring, it gets on my nerves listening to her lectures but biology is an interesting subject so I tolerate it :F

I have an advanced cooking class third period and it's great. The teacher happens to be a higher-up at the Schwarz Brothers bakery, which supplies several high-end restaurants on the West Coast (USA), and she has 35+ years experience in the food service industry. It's an informative and entertaining class and I've never missed a day <3

English is my fourth period and I have fallen asleep twice, lol. The lectures are boring, my teacher is crabby, old and strict and the classroom is always either really really hot or really really cold, and it stinks of cinnamon.

After that I have math, the teacher's a little Asian woman, she's really nice but the subject is hard for me. I go to class, but I'm failing because I can't understand the material Sad

And my last class is fitness. Not much to say except the teacher's talkative. (eww locker rooms)
It's different with each subject. ICT, PE, Graphics, Maths and Biology are usually fairly laid back. Business, Chemistry and Physics consist of a load of boring note taking. Religious studies usually has interesting debates. English, however, is terrible. Our teacher never says anything useful, most of the class are constantly talking, and the lessons are generally boring.
YEa. It was majorly different with each lesson.

In maths we sat alphabetically - I was sat next to a porky little fellow who took more drugs than the cast of quadrephenia. Genius he was though.

English was good - real understanding teacher (preeeeety fit too Twisted Evil )

And the such.
My period 1 is Geometry. Very basic class. He talks, you take notes, you take test. My period 2 is health. Mostly the same except you get to watch some movies. My period 3 is Biology. You get to walk around and do labs Smile My period 4 is ESAC070, or College PE. You can tell... My period 5 is English. That was a fun class. Usually every once in a while, she lets a couple people teach the class something and she becomes a student. That's really fun. My period 6 is AVID. That class is really fun. You do arts and crafts and fill out tutorial forms. My period 7 is Drama where you act. You can probably tell if you sit down or not. We do at least a skit per day. My period 8 is where I meet with my counselor. That is usually fun where we get to watch college moives. So my school is a big mix.
The best subject must be...Woodshop, foodmakingstuff and other fysical things. I also "enjoy" English... Razz
My class is filled with nerds, lol. We study informatic, to be exactly we are programming in c++, most of our discursions are about computers, programming, games and such.. er
in my class, front row students used to do the talking, last row students did studying and middle row studens used to do a little bit of both... i was a middle row student!! Very Happy
I would have to say my high school experience has been pretty positive, except for a couple exceptions... It's always great to have teachers that enjoy teaching the material... for example my sophomore chem teacher let us bring pumpkin's in and blow them up with acetylene gas (it was part of the lesson Rolling Eyes ) in the classroom.
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